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I’m not gonna lie, when bodysuits made their grand reappearance in the fashion scene I knew it would take some major convincing for me to try the trend. I saw a ton of celebrities sporting bodysuits in the most effortless ways, yet I hadn’t been seeing more curvaceous women attempt the bold statement. So I did some Googling and stumbled across countless style inspirations, from size 8 and beyond, that were wearing bodysuits like the badass females that they are, and that gave me all of the confidence I needed to try the trend for myself!
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I’m going to say it – I absolutely hate that both social media and more mainstream media outlets glaze over the fact that not everyone is a size 4. Um hello, a large chunk of the population wears higher than a size 10, and even those women representing curvier sizers (in media those are sizes 8-14) somehow are devoid of boobs and an ass. But I don’t let this blatant attempt at exclusivity deter me from wearing what I want to wear. Regardless of if I have too much of something or not enough of another, if I want to rock a trend or an item of clothing and someone is telling me that it doesn’t work for my “body type”, I’m going to wear it because I can. And friends, I implore you to do the same!

Take a bodysuit for instance. You’d think that it would magnify the nooks and crannies of your badass, beautiful body but somehow it flatters just about every body type! Whether or not you’ve got junk in the trunk, if your hips don’t lie or if they do – bodysuits compliment a woman’s form in the most effortless way possible! I also love how comfortable they are and that they can be worn across all seasons. What’s not to love?

Tell me, are you a fan of the bodysuit trend?
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