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My 38 Hour Juice Fast (+ 3 Tips to Conquering a Cleanse!)

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The Goal

One of my goals for 2018 was to complete a 3-day juice fast. As I explained it in this post, my intent for the fast was to refuel my body, my mind and my soul, which sounds appealing AF. Well, after some thought and consideration, I decided to switch up my plan and break out the cleanse into three separate days instead of three consecutive days. The first reason is because three days of just liquids seems excessive, at least for my lifestyle. I workout at least five days a week, if three of those days are reserved to just juicing I don’t think I’d make it out alive, LOL! Secondly, I’m a mom, and something about strictly juicing and wrangling up tiny humans seems like a nightmare. So breaking out my goal into three separate, manageable days seemed right for me and my lifestyle.

The Why

As previously mentioned, my purpose for doing a juice cleanse is to reboot my system. As in clearing my mind, kick-starting my metabolism and giving my digestive tract a break from all the crap I consume daily. I aim to eat healthy but that’s not always the case. I also don’t deprive myself of treats if I’m feeling all YOLO about life. So again, a fast seemed like it would do everything I needed it do in a manageable amount of time and all I’d have to sacrifice is one day of not eating actual food. However, just because I’m not eating food doesn’t mean I’m not nourishing my body.

The Experience

Out of the three days I’d like to commit to fasting this year I’ve already completed two! Fasting is both as hard as I’d expected while still not being as hard as I’d expected, if that makes any sense. Something that I immediately learned while doing a juice cleanse is that when you nourish you body with the right nutrients it not only gives your digestive system a little break but you can actually feel your body detoxifying. At least I did! It was a strange feeling but it was also kind of spiritual. As the toxins exited my body I mentally told myself that the negative energy was doing the same. It felt very freeing!

The second thing I learned while doing a juices cleanse is the crazy amount energy I got! It’s like once you’ve pass the lull and craving of wanting food, your body radiates with energy! I think the energy that was coursing through me encouraged the detoxification and healing of my digestive system and mental state. Energy is something I battle for on a daily basis and one of the main reasons I am so committed to my daily workouts. When I do a juice fast my energy soars through the roof! By the end of each fasting day I felt like a more energized version of myself, almost super human! It was crazy!

Other benefits I noticed as a result of the juice cleanse was a major decrease in bloating, my mind felt more at ease, my patience wasn’t as thin at it normally was, and my skin radiated!
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A Few Tips…

Timing is everything! 

I’ve completed a juice cleanse on a Monday and one on a Friday. Which do you think was easiest to complete? If you answered Monday you were correct! Something about fasting on a busy day full of meetings and a scheduled workout made it waaay easier than on a work-from-home Friday where I worked in bed all day with the TV on in the background.

The Monday cleanse seemed to fly by while the Friday cleanse dragged on with cravings well into the night. On both days of fasting I scheduled when I’d drink a juice and 16 oz bottles of water. For the Monday it all just seemed much more manageable even though I was far more busy. For the Friday fast I just kept staring at the time only to realize only five minutes had past since I last checked the clock. I definitely think scheduling a cleanse earlier in the week when you’ve got more going on seems like a smarter choice.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

As I mentioned above, I not only scheduled when I’d drink my juices but filler hours for water, too. I drank a bottle of water between every bottle of juice. Sure, you’re hitting the bathroom every 30-45 minutes but the ‘fullness’ helps curb the hunger.

Caffeinate if necessary. 

For the Monday fast I kept my daily cup of coffee in the mix, for the Friday fast I did not. Lesson learned, my friends. If you are a coffee or tea drinker, keep the caffeinated drinks in the usual rotation, especially if it’s your first time doing a juice cleanse. There is no reason to be a moody b!tch for the sake of following ‘rules’. It’s still liquid so you’re good, LOL!

I am happy to dive more into my experience doing a juice cleanse. Please feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comments below!
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