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Real Talk: Thoughts from the Non-Fun Parent

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Fact: I am the non-fun parent in our household. That title goes to dad in our home. He’s the one that initiates tickle fights, and the one that throws tiny people in the air, and the parent that gets requests for anything fun. I, on the other hand, tend to be better known as the discipliner, the parent that brings down the pain (figuratively), the one that almost always has to say no. And while I know this is a necessary, important responsibility to have, it still sucks to not be fun all the time.

The reality is, my responsibilities are different than those of my husband’s – not more or less… just different. If I participated in every single tickle fight, or Paw Patrol cosplay session, or TAG game, the house would be left in shambles and the kids would be running around malnourished and with no clean laundry.
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I’m not gonna lie, sometime I feel a little resentment towards the fact that I’m always the one saying ‘no’. I’ve even started telling my kids, “ask daddy” as a form of giving him the responsibility of being the Debbie Downer on the team. Like, I know I have plenty of fun memories and belly laughs under my belt but so much of my time is spent being Mom the Undertaker that I feel like it voids any silliness that I partake in. This is stupid, but sometimes I wonder if they are keeping track. I doubt my tiny spawn are actually keeping track, but I’m not gonna deny the fact that it’s cross my mind before.

So to all you mamma’s who often feel like you’re not the fun parent, you’re probably not and that’s perfectly okay. Sure, my kiddos may not remember all the things I do around here that makes our family and household run smoothly, but hopefully they’ll recall the times we laughed so hard we cried or the times I initiated a dance party in the kitchen to entice them to eat. Not always holding the title as the fun parent doesn’t make you have any less fun with your children, it just means you have to cherish the silly moments a little more.
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