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Theodore – 22 Months

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For the baby/toddler years, I think I could say this might be my favorite? Sure, it’s hard as hell and there’s a lot of disciplining but homeboy’s personality is just so entertaining! And developmentally he has jumped leaps and bounds within the last few weeks, it’s astounding! Read on to check out what Theo’s been up to this past month.

Vocabulary/Talking: Little man loves to talk, he doesn’t shut up! Personally I think Kevin and I just make very talkative children because Remy was/is the same way! This is funny because if you know my husband you know that he’s a quiet guy.

I really wish I was better at remembering the new wordsTheo introduces into his vocabulary. Off the top of my head some new words/phrases include: don’t do that, knees, smoothie, wake up, sleep, bless you, look, mommy, daddy (he’s been saying mama and dada), and blow.
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Napping/Sleeping: Nothing new to report when it comes to sleeping. We give him an 8 oz. bottle for bedtime, sometimes he goes to sleep almost immediately and sometimes he fusses around and gives us a hard time, it’s really a crapshoot. Lately however, he’s been falling asleep a lot quicker. I think it has something to do with spending time outside in the sun. As far as naps, he is still taking one nap a day which typically lasts 2-2.5 hrs.
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Eating: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – homeboy loves to eat! Sure, he can be picky at times but 9 times out of 10 he wants more food! Apparently when dad was in charge one evening I wasn’t home, Theo consumed a slice of pizza all by himself. That’s my boy! I’ve noticed that he seems to be a summer food kid, just like Remy. He loves corn on the cob and watermelon. He also loves garlic bread, rice and blackberries.

Growth/Health/Development: Little man has had a rough month! He started off with getting Hand Foot and Mouth towards the beginning of June. He had it pretty bad too, he had a lot of blisters inside his mouth which made it difficult for him to eat, let alone sooth himself with his pacifier. Thankfully the virus didn’t last too long, once he hit the week mark he was almost fully recovered. But not for too long. A few days later he was hit what with doctors told us was the virus fully exiting his body. This caused skin sensitivity. Imagine skin sensitivity in summer. Theo got a bug bite that basically took over his entire body and made his joint swell. He then got a rash that started hitting just a few areas of his body but by day four he was a walking rash. We felt soo bad for our little guy! And we couldn’t do anything about it, it just had to go away on its own. Those were a rough couple of days in our household.

Developmentally is doing so much! He’s getting really good at this puzzle and has even started to pair the colors correctly. Theo has also figured out how to climb and ride our Radio Flyer Horse and has started feeding himself with a fork (supervised). He can show you were various parts of his body are (newest include fingers and knees), and he understands when you ask him to calm down.

Because of homeboys early month sicknesses I know that he weighs 28 pounds. The next time we get stats is at his 2 year check-up. Otherwise Theo is wearing 24 month and 2T clothing, fits in a size 6 shoe, wears size 5 diapers and is kind of understanding brushing his teeth. He’s not a fan.
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  • Little man went on his first “roller coaster” and loved it!
  • Had his first taste of funnel cake and also loved it!
  • Theo is obsessed with smoothies
  • He is a fan of pools/splash pads
  • Homeboy absolutely loves animals
  • Theo also went on his first carousel ride this past month…and loved it!
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