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The Date Night Jumpsuit

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Do you go on dates with your significant other often? I wish we did, but in this season of life that luxury isn’t really afforded to us. With the kids, lack of money and lack of childcare, date nights don’t happen as frequently as they once did. Sometime I wonder if we make dates as much of a priority as we should. (And yes, I’m a firm believer that courting your partner shouldn’t stop at the “I do’s”.) Unfortunately I don’t think we do, but when we do get the grandparents to watch the kids for a few hours of Kevin and Jo time versus mommy and daddy time, it’s always well worth it.

It’s a little funny how different, yet the same, date nights look for the fella and I after becoming parents. We’re hashtag basic when it comes to a night out. Our go-to is dinner and a movie. Always has been and always will be. We’re big movie buffs and self-proclaimed foodies so it only seems natural to do what we love together when we have time, sans kids. That’s what’s the same about our nights out. But what’s different is the topic of conversation. What used to be discussions about an episode of one of our favorite shows, our next spontaneous trip, or plans for our future has become a full dinner talking about the kids – how cute they are, how they drive us crazy, and how we hope we’re not missing them up in the end. They consume our conversations, and while that’s an inevitability as parents, I really don’t think our time away should be hijacked by our tiny humans.
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Date nights as parents also now require so much more. More planning, more money, more energy – so much goes into a few hours that sometimes it’s not even worth it. Do we have someone to watch the kids? Should we splurge and do dinner and a movie or cut one of those out? Will Remy be difficult during dinner for the sitter? Will Theo have a challenging time falling asleep? Do we have enough energy to actually go out, or should we just have a night in? It’s not impossible going on dates after kids but it’s definitely a whole lot more complex than it once was. There are all these formalities when it comes to the prep, it takes the fun out of the actual date.

But when we rally, we rally. Once the childcare is accounted for, I’ve learned to leave my momming at the door. It’s one of the only ways to actually enjoy the time away from the kids. There is nothing I can do for my children if I’m not there, so why worry about it? My priority during those dates? It’s to be present for the handsome fellow across the table from me.

That’s why I enjoy getting gussied up for nights out with my hubby! I tend to up the level of salaciousness and wear something that I would otherwise wear with the kiddos. A few weeks ago I finally got to take this jumpsuit out for a spin! This wide-leg stunner adds just the right amount to spice without going overboard. For a cool summer night I paired it with my trusty thrifted Gap denim jacket and neutral accessories. Let’s just say the fella was a fan of this look;)
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