6 Influencer Beauty Recommendations (+ My Thoughts!)

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I think we can all agree that the Internet and social media has a big influence on what we buy. From YouTube beauty gurus, to life and style bloggers, to everyday Instagram influencers – I get suckered into buying a ton of crap. Sometimes those purchases are great and the products I get swindled into buying become go-to items, but many times I get completely bamboozled which makes me question the credibility of the influencers I follow. But like any endorsement, not all recommendations are the best for the buyer, it all just depends. Today I figured I’d share my thoughts on five influencer recommendations and why I initially decided to buy. Leave a comment below with some of the products you’ve purchased because of an influencer suggestion.

BECCA’s Under Eye Brightening Corrector // A well-known beauty influencer raved about this brightening corrector a few months back and I was intrigued. She was a mom with dark circles and I was a mom with dark circles, she had olive skin and I had olive skin – it all matched up so perfectly. Then she applied it live via Instagram Stories and I was sold! The very next day I went to my local Sephora and got myself a pot of this magical under eye goodness. And you wanna know what, it wasn’t as magical as she implied. Don’t get me wrong, I do like and use this brightening corrector but it doesn’t completely work as much as I’d hoped. I would recommend this product – it does brighten but be aware that it’s a little oily and you still have to apply actual concealer afterwards.

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara // If you following me on Instagram, you know that I LOVE this mascara! This was a beauty YouTuber rec that lived up to the hype! My lashes are way more voluminous after application and I always get tons of compliments, so it’s obvious that I would recommend this product.

Pixi Glow Tonic // Tons of bloggers got sent this tonic a few months back and wouldn’t shut-up about how good it worked. I was skeptical, I’ll admit, because I chalked it all up to sponsored content (being paid to say they love it) so i passed on trying it out for myself. Recently I stumbled upon a trial size of the tonic at Target and figured I’d finally see what all the hype was about. Well, I get it now, it does make your skin glow! Immediately after application my skin looked radiant, I was stunned! Suffice to say, I would highly recommend this tonic.
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Airspun Loose Face Powder // The same olive skinned mama from above backed this translucent powder and since I was in the market for a new one I snagged the Airspun one. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope! At least for my skin type, this powder is crap. I applied it everywhere I concealed and it did nothing. My skin was left tacky, and it did not smooth-out my pores the way most translucent powders do. I am not a fan of this product and do not recommend.

Thayers Witch Hazel Toner // This toner seems to be another blogger cult favorite, and like the Pixi tonic, I found a trial size and figured I’d try it out for myself. I’ll have to admit, I’m swallowing my words with this one – it works! My skin is left super soft and clean! I also love that there are organic ingredients, that’s a total plus! This toner has my seal of approval!

Nudestix Nude Metallics for Eyes // During the Sephora VIB Sale, a new-to-me beauty blogger raved about this trio of mini metallic shadows and did a live tutorial on how she used each shade on Instagram Stories. I loved the colors offered so I decided to try the set for myself. Instantly after the first application I knew these would be go-to’s in my makeup bag! I cannot recommend this trio enough! The formula is creamy and glides on your lids like butter! I also love that all the colors are wearable for day and night beauty looks.

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