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7 Things to Quit Right Now

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No one likes to be called a quitter. No one. And this gal right here is no exception. But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s okay to be a quitter. Here are just a few things to quite right this minute. Indulge me.

// Quit being hard on yourself. Stop it right now! Instead, cut yourself some slack and remind yourself of all the things you are doing right. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

// Quite not believing in yourself. As an alternative, try being your own “hype man”! Whether it’s words of affirmation, cheering yourself on a la Soulcycle, or giving yourself little pep talks – be your own cheerleader!
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// Quit dwelling on the past. My Ghost of Christmas Past is always by my side, except remove the Christmas. By dwelling on the past, you are hindering your now. Instead revel in the present and enjoy the only now you’ll ever have.

// Quit putting effort into unimportant things (i.e. weight, material things, social media likes, etc.). In it’s place, put effort in the way you treat people, the way you experience your time with those you love, and putting a smile on someone else’s face.

// Quit comparing yourself to others (other mothers/women/co-workers/influencers). Instead, focus on watering your grass, and encourage those around you. Girls compete with each other – women empower one another.

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// Quit fearing change. Change may be scary but it is almost always good. At the end of the day, it’s a form of growth and growth is always good.

// Quit trying to fit in. Fitting in is changing yourself for other to accept you. Belonging is being just as you are and other accepting you regardless. Focus more on belonging and embrace your extra!

This is your friendly reminder to stop being a punk and slay the day! Happy Monday, friends!
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