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Theodore – Twenty One Months

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Today the littlest Mason turns 21 months old! Time is flying by, y’all, and I can’t believe homeboy will be turning two years old in a matter of months. How is that possible?

Vocabulary/Talking: Theo is talking so much these days; he is constantly surprising me with how much he’s learning each and everyday. He has started stringing together words to make two to three word sentences! I am so proud of my boy! Recent words added to his vocabulary this month: snack, elbow (and he can show you where it is!), sit down, oh man, stop it, “banket” for blanket, and “mimmy mouse” which is Mickey Mouse.
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Napping/Sleeping: So while Kevin and I were in PA for a wedding a few weeks back, (the kids were being watched by grandma and grandpa) little dude woke up from his nap, climbed out of his crib and went into Remy room, to her surprise. Um, no Theo, I’m not ready for that! Thankfully he hasn’t tried to climb out of his crib since but we are taking precautions. We now close his door at night versus cracking it open, and if we do keep it open we make sure to create some sort of obstacle course that would make noise if he tried to escape. That may sound excessive but I am terrified of him falling down the stairs.
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Eating: I love that Theo is willing to try almost anything! He likes what he likes but if you introduce a new food, he’ll try it like a champ! New foods introduced this month: hash browns (loved them), blackberries (loves them) and hotdogs (not too impressed).

He’s still completely obsessed with corn on the cob, broccoli, waffles, watermelon, oranges and veggie pouches which is how I get this vegetable intake in.
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Growth/Health/Development: I won’t have stats on him until his 24 month check-up, but I do need to make an appointment to check his iron since it was low at his 18 month check-up. We’ve been adding iron supplement into his oatmeal in the morning so hopefully he’s at a normal level.

Theo is getting so smart! He can now do the animal noises for a horse (nay), a cow (moo), a bird (tweet), a duck (quack), a dog (sticks out his tong and pants), sheep (ba), cat (meow), and pig (he makes the noise).

In the last month he’s gotten a ton of personality! He’s started screaming “no” if you take something away or tell him no. But this is not your typical baby “no”. He get’s it from deep down within him and it’s low and loud. His little neck veins pop out and he turns red. It shouldn’t be funny but it is, LOL.

He’s started counting! He’s not quite saying the numbers but if you start it he makes the sound like he’s counting. It’s adorable! I really want to work at it so next month maybe he’ll be able to count to 10!
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  • He can name all the kids at his daycare: Simone, Malcom, Layla, and Emma!
  • He absolutely loves to climb. He’s fallen a lot lately but we just can’t stop him. And at daycare they kind of encourage him to climb things on his own. I’m not a fan but I guess that’s the only way he’ll learn to be brave, independent and know his limits.
  • Theo is always taking off his shoes. Homeboy likes to be barefoot.
  • Remy and him are best friends. They can entertain each other for hour and I love how Remy makes sure to include him when she’s playing. It warms my heart!
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