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An Update on My Word of the Year

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Can someone please explain to me how we’ve already reached the mid-year mark? JUNE.ALREADY.HOW? In some regards this year has inched its way to this very point, but I think we can all collectively agree that 2018 is flying by. Seeing as though we’ve hit the mid-year mark so swiftly, I thought it would be therapeutic to come on here and give y’all an update on my Word of the Year and fill you in on where I’m at now as it relates to that very word.

So back in January I dubbed BALANCE as my word for 2018. Balance – “an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.” When I’m feeling overwhelmed at work, in my role as a mother, as a content creator, or any other role I am lucky to fill, I dig deep down inside my psyche and get a firm grip on the word BALANCE. I ask myself, “is it absolutely essential for me to lose a bit of my sanity in order to XYZ?”. If the answer is no, which more often than not it is, I let go of my need to please and move on leaving the task at hand for a time when my equilibrium can fully handle what’s needed of me.
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With BALANCE I’ve given myself grace this year. With BALANCE I’ve become more likely to let go and let live. With BALANCE I’ve found it easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel when I’m deep within my dark den of depressive gloom. Balance has indeed been the touchstone I’ve needed when I don’t think I can. This year, Balance has gone beyond just self-care, it’s reached a level of self-love I didn’t know it needed. But I’m realizing that through this journey I’m lacking a sense of gratefulness which I think is essential in bettering myself. A daily practice of gratitude is hard, folks, but more on that another time.

Balance has really been great daily reminder for me to relax and slow down when I think I’m about to lose myself. I’m not always good at calming myself down but I’m working on it regularly and that simple act is all I can ask for and something I’m hella proud of. So with that, here’s to just enough balance!
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