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4 Tips to Create the Perfect Summer Outfit

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As a mom, I feel like I’m always in a hurry. Actually, let me rephrase that statement: as a woman, I feel like I’m always in a hurry. Our society thrives in the season of “busy”, and as such we are always functioning in the speed of hurry. Whether I’m rushing to get ready for work in the morning, hurrying to get to girls night on time, or running late to church – you bet I’m constantly functioning at warp speed. But if you know me, you know that what I’m wearing to any given occasion has an affect on my mood, and is essentially a representation of my essence (dramatic much?). So I’ve developed a type of style formula, if you will, that keeps the effort at a minimum without sacrificing the “essence”. It’s easy, yet impactful, and it helps me get ready at record time. Here are my 4 Tips to Create the Perfect Summer Outfit!

  • Choose a Basic. Gurl, don’t sleep on your basics because at the end of the day they help transform an outfit and you don’t even know it. I myself don’t appreciate my basic pieces as much as I should, but when I’m looking for that piece to anchor my outfit, 9 times out of 10 it’s a basic that completes the job. Basics are an essential to the style formula because they’re tried and true and always come through when you may need to make a flashy outfit a little more wearable. Whether it’s the perfect white tee, a great fitted pair of pants, or a go-to LBD – basics know how to do the damn things in a subtle and sophisticated way.
  • Incorporate a Pop of Color. When it comes to step 2, think of choosing a color that is seasonally appropriate. This summer, soft lilacs, bold yellows and vibrant pinks are all over the place, and I don’t hate it! Add in a note of whimsy with an off-the-shoulder number in a punchy shade of pink, or go the romantic route with some ruffles in a pop of yellow.

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  • Pile on the Accessories. Personally, when I’m in a pinch I rely on my accessories to do the real styling. This season, I’m really letting my collection of statement earrings (LOVE these and these!) do all the talking for my outfit. However you can add a fun bag or a cute necklace to make the statement. This is also a great way to try a trend if you’re not willing to invest in a clothing item – try a trend in accessory form!
  • Finish Off the Look with the Right Shoes. Trust me when I say, your shoe choice can elevate a look real quick! Even if you decide to go with a neutral sandal to add the finishing touches to your outfit, the shoe selection still has final say. Footwear can easily take your ensemble from office ready to weekend casual in a snap, so choose wisely!

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And Remember: Know that you don’t have to stick to these tips to the T but that you can mix and match these steps to your preference of dressing! If you rather stick to neutral accessories – go for it; if you prefer to wear statement shoes – have at it; understand that what I’m sharing are just guidelines to fine-tuning your style aesthetic!

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