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How do you get inspired? Whether it’s creating new content, your style, being a better person – how do you get inspired to better than you were before?

I recently Tweeted about the fact that people don’t read blogs anymore. Back in my hay day (that sounds so stupid but I love it anyway) bloggers would have a dedicated page on their sites to share all of their favorite blogs in one place. This was a great way to discover new blogs and help support the blogging community #SharingIsCaring. Gone are the days when content creators/influencers/bloggers and readers would scroll down their bookmarked sites to get their daily dose of Blogger X or Blogger Y. Those were the days…

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A few months ago I started reading blogs again. I figure, I can’t expect people to read my blog if I’m not doing the same, right? And you wanna know what happened, I got inspired again! But not inspired like ‘monkey see, monkey do’ but inspired to share my voice, my style, my journey in the most authentic way possible. Sure, if I wanted to be a carbon copy of what’s already out there I could, but what’s the fun in that?

Other than reading other blogs (fashion, lifestyle, parenting, etc.), I also like to get inspired by working my body (hitting the gym, or simply going on a walk), listening to music, reading magazines, listening to podcasts, meditating, spending time outside with nature, getting off my phone, and cleaning. So I’m asking you again, how do you get inspired? 
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