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Going Cold Turkey

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Y’all, I’ve done some major damage this month. And I’m really ashamed to admit it. After a semi successful #NoShopApril, I couldn’t control myself and bought ALL THE THINGS. What began as “it’s almost my birthday month,” became “it’s my birthday,” which transformed into “it’s my birthday week,” which is essentially becoming “it’s my birthday month.” So you can only imagine how much I’ve added to my closet this month, and we’re only at mid-month. So I’ve decided, for the the remainder of May, that I’ll be fasting – fasting my wallet that is.
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Do you succeed when you quit something cold turkey or do you work better when you ease into the quitting? I always tend to try the cold turkey route but then end up flying off the deep end when everything is said and done. You’d think I’d learn my lesson by now. But it’s always the same – with food, shopping, bad habits. You get the picture.

I don’t know, I think quitting cold turkey is good for a short time span, and if you have will power it might be effective. My will power? It’s no existent. So I’ll continue to trying betting myself with baby steps. Ha, I’m so dramatic. But for real, no more shopping for the rest of May. I’m sure my wallet will appreciate that. Oh, and my husband.
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