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What I Foresee for 33

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So yesterday was my 33rd birthday. It seems weird to me that birthday’s don’t hold the same clout they used to. I used to reserve a whole week to celebrate, take my birthday off (or the sounding days if it fell on a weekend) and would even have a specific birthday outfit – I used to make my birthday an event! Now a days it’s just a day. A day that gets spent with the people I love doing something that I love, sure, but again just a day. But this year is different. You wanna know why, because this year is my Jesus Year.

If you aren’t familiar with the “Jesus Year” let me fill you in. Jesus apparently did his most important, revolutionary work the three years leading up to his 33rd year of life. Other Internet research pulled the following: in yoga, ‘Om’ is the visual symbol for the number three; Jesus performed 33 recorded miracles; in many of the major world religions, 33 signifies a higher form of consciousness. Consensus – the number 33 means something.
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It’s believed that the 33rd year of someone’s life is a time for rebirth. I’m down for that. I also read some study in which a large percentage of respondents believed they were not truly happy until they reached the age of 33. Something about having a healthy balance of one’s own talents and abilities. Now that’s thinking I can get behind!

As I enter my “Jesus Year” I really only desire one thing for myself, and that my friends, is to live my life unapologetically. Be confident in my own skin, stand firm in the person I’ve become thus far, and basically not give a fuck about what other people think of me. If you’ve noticed, that’s been a hot topic on the blog a lot in the last several month – self-acceptance. I don’t know, I just feel myself changing. Changing in what I want for myself and my future yet embracing myself and my imperfections, while still wanting to improve and better myself. Does that all make any sense? It does to me and that’s all that matters. Right? William Shakespeare put it best when he said, “To thine own self be true,” and that’s what I foresee for 33.
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