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Why I’m Excited to be a Soccer Mom

I have officially been a soccer mom for a full month. For some that may not mean anything, but for me it means the world. Is it strange that at an early age I wanted to hold the coveted title of soccer mom, because it’s true. When I was a little girl, soccer mom’s appeared to have it all while supported their kid’s endeavors and being present in their kid’s lives. I wanted to be a soccer mom so bad, so you better believe I did a little jig when my husband suggested we sign Remy up for the spring season! Yes – soccer mom status reached!

Considering it all now, I think I know why being a soccer mom seemed like the most important job in the world. Putting it simply – its associated with the title of mom, something that I never thought I’d have the privilege of being. As to why I thought I’d never be a mother, that’s a topic for another time, but here are just a few of my reasons why soccer momdom is a title to covet.
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Did you know being a soccer mom is more than just watching your little one play the sport of soccer? Enlightening, I know, but at its core being a soccer mom is essentially about working in those short but precious moments in your child’s life. Those windows are relatively short-lived and us soccer moms are taking it upon ourselves to make that investment – of our time – on behalf of our family. Even if she doesn’t stick with it, I want Remy to learn now that I’ll always be there rooting for her.

We get to celebrate the victories and give hugs for the loses. Win or lose – we get the privilege of being there in those moments. Us soccer moms get to experience our child’s sense of accomplishment when they score a goal or receive a trophy. We also get to be there when our kids learn the importance of teamwork, hard work and endurance. I’m certain that sports was that catalyst for me to learn responsibility, sticking to my commitments and trusting those around me, and I want Remy to experience all those things too.
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Sure, you’ll probably hear me complain about waking up way too early for a Saturday in order to get all the things I need to get done before the game, but that’s merely one of the few setbacks of the soccer mom experience. But you want to know my favorite part? It’s the hidden family time! There’s something special about what happens after those Saturday morning games – we essentially find ourselves out of the house, together, which basically leads to even more quality family time! Lunch? Sure, why not! Park? Yeah, that’s a great idea? So all in all, soccer mom life rules!
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