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Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms

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Whether you’re a working mom or a SAHM, I think we can all collectively agree that motherhood keeps us on the clock around the clock. With the title of mommy also comes the lifestyle of busy. Am I the only one that leverages an actual paper planner ALONG WITH my phone calendar to keep track of ALL THE THINGS? Days are filled with birthday parties, soccer practice, laundry, meal planning, ‘wear orange’ day at school, packing an extra container of wipes for daycare, and so much more. Not to mention blogging, the real 9-5 that rarely spills over those hours but when it does I must jump on it. As a mom of 2, the practice of multitasking has become a skill and I’d like to think I’ve reached the Pro Level. Today I wanted to share a few of the time saving tips that help this busy mom (attempt to) juggle it all.

Pick out clothes (for kids & mom) the night before. This saves my sanity on those mornings where the tiny humans aren’t being cooperative or when I’m running late. Each night I lay out Theo’s clothes for the next day along with some extras in case of accidents, and allot Remy the independence to choose her own outfit as long as it’s mom approved, i.e. weather appropriate. I do the same, this way we are cutting out any unnecessary drama during our morning routine.

Prepare bags the night before too. Along with the tip above, I also like to pack everyone’s bags for the next day. This includes my work bag and gym bag, Theo’s daycare bag (add extra clothes mentioned above, diapers, wipes, etc.), and, depending on the day, Remy’s soccer bag.
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Leverage your commute. Are you sitting in traffic for an hour everyday on the way to work? I love to take advantage of this time to create my to-do list (Siri coming to the rescue!), do a massive brain dump of ideas for the blog (again, thanks Siri!), get my knowledge on with the help of Audible, and lastly pray. Some of my best thinking of the day or moments of clarity happen on my commutes to and from work.

Cook ahead. Sunday afternoons are my day to meal prep my lunches for the week. I grab all of my ingredients and just get to cooking 4 easy, semi-healthy delicious meals for the week ahead. I store them in Tupperware containers for each day and I’m all set.

Tell me, what are some time saving hacks you’ve adapted to make life just a little easier?
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Get the Look:

On Me: Jumpsuit | Similar Jacket | Sandals (on sale!)| Bag via JustFab

On Remy: Jumpsuit | Similar Jacket | Sandals

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