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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

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Hola and thanks for stopping by FabAve today! I figured it was time I reintroduced myself as the blog has had a couple new visitors recently and Instagram gained a few new followers. Hi there, I’m Joanne but I typically go by Jo. I’ve been married for nearly eight years to a bearded man-child with blond hair and green eyes. We have two exceptionally beautiful and intelligent children, Remy (almost 5) and Theo (almost 2). We are also parents to two fur babies, Chandler and Phoebe. Both pit bull mutts and both obviously named after FRIENDS characters. My family and I live in northern Virginia, just 25 minutes outside of the nation’s capital and, random fact, we all really love rice.

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This blog was started shortly after my husband and I moved to Arizona where we knew no one and were just starting off in our newlywed year. Initially this was a space to curate what inspired me, as well as a place to keep friends and family back home in VA up to date with what was going on in our lives across the country. Blogging was a completely different beast back then but almost immediately after starting FabAve I become completely obsessed with style blogs. And so this blog became a window into my closet and shared the thought process I used for putting together daily looks. My intention then, and now almost seven years later, was to remind the average, everyday gal that she’s as fabulous as the next gal, regardless of how much money she has in the bank, the labels she’s wearing, or whether or not she’s rocking the season’s latest trend. The blog was about letting the best version of yourself shine. And folks, I’m happy to report that it still is.

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With all of life’s changes and milestones, Fabulously Average also evolved. What was once a site solely devoted to style eventually included motherhood, then lifestyle, then all of life’s other interesting facets. And that’s what I love about blogging all of these years – I get to see how my life has transformed, and essentially how I have transformed. In a few short days FabAve will be celebrating its SEVENTH year! That’s seven years of memories, seven years of outfits (yikes), and of seven years of different versions of me – the newlywed, the new mom, the working woman, the multi-kid mom, the depressed woman, and so much more. All of that has been documented and that’s crazy weird…and cool! As always, thanks for reading and happy Monday!

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