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Flipping Your Internal Script

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Self-love. It’s a practice that requires just that, practice. Day in and day out I have to mindfully be aware about the way I talk to myself and direct my inner conversations to be more admirable and thankful. Have you ever stopped to listen to the way us women speak to ourselves/our bodies? It’s disgraceful. “My thighs are too thick,” “I don’t have a butt,” I wish my legs were longer,” “I wish my boobs were bigger,” and so on and so forth – and that’s only bringing up physical attributes. Take a beat and ask yourself how many times you called yourself an idiot today, or if you quietly called yourself stupid during a brainstorm meeting for not coming up with an idea. Don’t you think it’s about time we change the way we speak to ourselves?
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Sister, you don’t look fat in that dress, it’s just not worth of your body, and you have that other dress that accentuates your arms that would look stellar! Forget what society is telling you looks great and wear what makes you feel great. Also while we’re at it, let’s all agree that we are prone to comparing ourselves to others so don’t think you’re the only one. Instead of allowing ourselves to be insecure about our appearance or talents, we should remind each other that another woman’s beauty/talent is not relevant to our own, nor does it lessen our beauty/talent. That is to say that whether or not someone else is beautiful or gifted has no bearing on the value of you beauty or your gifts.

Becoming more mindful of our internal dialogues and changing the words that we use to describe ourselves and our actions is key. I’ve come to realize that these internal struggles to love myself and my body are not a “me” issue – we all struggle with self-love at times. Sure, some more frequently than other but it’s still a challenge that runs deep for us woman. We must learn to treat ourselves with the same the kindness and respect as we would give someone else. It is critical for our own success. So mama, let that beauty (both internal and external) shine bright!
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Jumpsuit via JustFab | Similar Jacket | Booties via Express (old) | Earrings | Bag

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