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Theodore – Nineteen Months

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Lately I’ve realized that Theo is all boy. Like rough and tumble, dirt, bugs, THE WORKS – homeboy is teaching me how to be a boy mom through and through! But I appreciate that! Remy wasn’t much different, this is just toddler-hood, but it’s still fun to experience it one last time. Yes, Theo will be our last baby.

Vocabulary/Talking: Newest words include: Food, , nana for banana, mummy for bunny and okay. He lifts his foot and say’s “wee wee” when he wants you to play This Little Piggie. Theo has become obsessed with Old McDonald and will sing “eh ay eh ay oh!” He also sings along to the ABCs and actually gets a few letters right!

Napping/Sleeping: We’ve hit our stride again on the sleeping front, thank goodness! But again, Theo is still taking a little while to fall asleep which is annoying but he’s sleeping through the night so I’ll take that win!
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Eating: I understand that at this age toddlers are fickle but the “I can’t get enough of this food” one day to “Why are you feeding me this same food, I hate it” the next is exhausting. One day he’ll eat two bananas back to back and the next few day’s he’ll refuse them – WHY MUST YOU TORMENT ME? He’s been doing this with a lot of food, especially one’s he loves. Oh, he loves corn on the cob!
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Growth/Health/Development: I won’t have stats for little dude until his 24 month check-up which seems insane to me that he’ll be two in a matter of months?! He’s getting so big. Theo is wearing 18-24 month clothing, is wearing a size 5 shoe and has just transitioned to size 5 diapers.

Homeboy has so many teeth but somehow he is still teething. So much effing drool, it’s everywhere, all the time. Because of the teething, Theo is getting over a little cold. He’s still coughing like crazy through the night but nothing some cough medicine won’t help. He ran a fever for a few days which had me worried but finally got over that, although his nose is still running so much.

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  • Little man LOVES his bunny! He’ll walk around hugging “mummy” and will give it kisses. Remy never got attached to a stuffed animal at this age so I find it adorable.
  • Theo was a big fan of Easter! He loved egg hunting and got the jist of it pretty quickly!
  • He will point to my phone and start dancing. I’ve concluded that this means he wants me to turn on music.
  • Without a doubt, Remy is his best friend! If she is not in the same room as him, he’ll walk around saying, “Rem Rem?”
  • He started counting and can get up to number 3!

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