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Why It’s Okay to be Extra

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I’ve come to realize that, when it comes to my wardrobe, I tend to veer towards the road to Extra Town. As in, extra AF. There have been far too many occasions in my life where I’ve had to dial down the extra because I didn’t want to get comments for being so, what’s the word, extra. And as I’m stumbling through this journey called life, I’ve come to terms with my extra – that’s just who I am so I should be embracing it, right? Why dial down my extra?

That’s a lesson both blogging and motherhood has taught me – embracing the extra. In regards to blogging, being a style blogger has helped me embrace my extra AF personal style. Sure, I’ll have my moments of somber facial expression and neutral clothing choices but when I’m really feeling like myself there’s always a little bit of extra in the picture too. That’s what comes naturally to me. Prints. Patterns. At times, some bright lipstick. A big ass smile on my face. It’s all part of the package you get when you come here to the site, or when you find me on social media. And if you’ve stuck around this long, or are a new reader (WELCOME!) that appreciates a little extra in your life, then thanks for helping me honor my true self! That’s hard in an atmosphere/industry when fitting in is the thing to do.
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As far as motherhood goes, I’m in a season where letting Remy embrace her extra has won out my battle to dress her the way I want to. Girl has her own sense of personal style, and while it may be one that doesn’t quite jive with mommy’s, it’s one that she takes pride in so why fight it? The confidence that radiates off of Remy when she walks out of her room with the most outlandish outfits is actually infectious! If she’s so cool about embracing her extra, why shouldn’t I be too?

I want my kids to see the version of me that embraces my extra/my quirks. I want them to know that being yourself isn’t just okay, it’s one of the most necessary things in life! It brings an inner joy that will sustain you when times get tough. I firmly believe that. I’m certain that one can always rely on their inner extra to guide them through the downs in life because you’ve got a firm foundation of who you are. And that confidence, the one in yourself/your talents/your beliefs is hard to breakdown when it is planted on an unshakable base. So today’s lesson, my friends, is embrace you extra! Lean into it, be okay with it, and show others that they can accept their extra without judgement.

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Get the Look:

On Me: Dress | Similar Moto Jacket | Similar Wedges | Crossbody Bag

On Remy: Dress | Booties c/o

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