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The Year of the Jumpsuit

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Jumpsuit | Similar Cardigan | Booties c/o JustFab | Crossbody Bag

I think it’s safe to say that 2018 is the year of the jumpsuit. It’s not to say this is a new trend, per se, because we all know that jumpsuits have been around for a while now (plenty of evidence on this here blog!), but it is a trend that sort of sneaks up on you. One second you’re getting ready and then BAM – jumpsuit! I think I love the trend because it make such a statement, and that statement is that you need nothing more than an all-in-one garment to be a bad ass bitch. Sorry for the language but it solidifies my point (I may be wearing a jumpsuit as I’m writing this blog post).
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For this spring and summer season I anticipate that jumpsuits are going to be a staple item in our wardrobe, at least in mine, and I don’t hate it. Paired with flats or sneakers for the weekends/heels for the office and I’m all set without skipping a beat. And folks, that’s my type of wardrobe item – it’s so simple to throw on with just about anything and be out the door in no time. Low-maintenance style at its finest!

Have I waxed poetic enough on the whole jumpsuit trend? Perhaps, but what can I say, when I love a trend I love it hard! I tend to take my obsessions to the next level which is probably why I’ve snagged my fair share in the timespan of a month. Check out my picks below – ALL UNDER $45 – including a few that have made their way into my home (and heart)!
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Get the Look:

Jumpsuit | Similar Cardigan | Booties c/o JustFab | Crossbody Bag

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