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Winery-hopping, it’s a Thing and Here’s How to Plan for it

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Can I tell y’all something? I LOVE living a few hours away (in some cases only about an hour!) from what seems like the Wine Country of the East Coast. A few hours in just about any direction and I’ve got plenty of vineyards to choose from. I call that winning!

I’m happy to report that I’ve official done the winery-hopping thing for every season! I never thought I’d get winter under my belt but when a bachelorette weekend takes place in the dead of the season, you make it work and you grab a glass! After my most recent trip I figured out a few tips and tricks to planning a fun winery-hopping trip for you and your crew.

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First things first, have transportation taken care of. Let’s be responsible here, folks, and not drink and drive especially on the backroads of anywhere south of Northern Virginia. We arranged transportation for both of the bachelorette parties I’ve taken part of and it was the best decision EVER. We got lucky both times and had super chill drivers that thought our shenanigans were entertaining, so that just added to all the fun. Not to mention they were prompt and were helpful when we had drunken questions or asked them to turn the radio up! Also, random tip – make sure you can have an open alcohol container for in-between wineries;)

Location is key – choose wineries that are nearby from one another. You’re winery-hopping, so more than one winery is implied which is why I highly suggest picking one’s that are no more than 20-25 minutes away from each other. I’ve been in the situation where the drive between wineries seemed unbearable – GIVE ME MORE WINE – so your selections are key.

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Prepare a cooler of water and snacks. My favorite part, y’all, packing the food, and when it comes to wineries I like get all fancy and do charcuterie and cheeses! You want to ensure that the wineries you’re hitting up allow outside food, that’s important. But when it comes to your selection, have fun with it! Breads, spreads and antipastas are just of few of my faves. Oh, and don’t forget to hydrate!

Book in advanced. This isn’t necessarily essential for me but for some it’s a must. I actually think this is important for all seasons other than winter because wineries become super popular when the weather is nice. Why this is key? Well because wineries have limited availability and if you’re looking for a tasting and have a party larger than two getting in could be an issue.

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