Theodore – Eighteen Months

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How is it that the tiniest Mason is already one and half? Where has my little baby gone, cause y’all, he isn’t here anymore. I don’t know when babies become toddlers but I think we’re there my friends and we’ve got a rambunctious one on our hands!

Vocabulary/Taking: Car, hola, sock, shoe, foot, water, tankoo (thank you), outside (ouoo-sigh), in addition to the one’s I’ve shared in the past. He’s a chatty one, Theo. He is always ‘talking’ and absolutely loves to sing! You can typically make out the song he wants you to sing by his melody, it’s amazing.

Napping/Sleeping: He’s getting better at extending his naps, but I can officially say that we are down to just one per day. He goes down at around 12:15 – after he’s eaten lunch and taken his post-lunch #2. After those are checked off the list, Theo takes a 6oz bottle of milk and will go down for a nap from anywhere between one hour to two.

As far as nighttime sleep, he’s getting better at soothing himself to sleep but is still taking longer than I’d like to actually fall asleep. And you can’t leave the room if he isn’t already asleep, oh no. He’ll freak out if you do that, and cry so hard he makes himself vomit. We typically sit in the rocker while he’s falling asleep and then ninja out of the room;)
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Eating: I love that homeboy is always willing to try anything, but that doesn’t mean there are days he won’t go without boycotting dinner which is so annoying. Overall tho, I can’t complain, he’s a good eater. Theo is still completely obsessed with blueberries and was just introduced to chopped grapes and loves those as well.

I recently tried sneaking in some broccoli into his scrambled eggs and he ate the entire bowl without a fight! He likes broccoli, so that wasn’t a hard feat, but I definitely want to try adding spinach to his eggs and see how that goes. I’ll hopefully report back next month on that.
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Growth/Health/Development: Big man weighs in at 24 pounds and 6 ounces which is way less than Remy weighed at his age. He is 33 inches tall and has a head circumference of 19 inches.

Little man has so many teeth coming in – I’m pretty sure the last of his baby teeth?! Theo’s canine teeth are poking through so you better believe he’s drooling up a storm. He soaks through EVERYTHING! He’s still rocking 18 and 24 month clothing but if finally wearing size 5 shoes! Watch out world, little man has new shoes to run around town in!!


  • Theo’s new favorite songs are “Wheels on the Bus” – complete with hand motions – and the alphabet
  • When something fascinates him, you get a loud, “WOW!” and it’s the cutest thing ever
  • Homeboy can show you where his head, nose and mouth are! We are working on eyes, ears and feet next!
  • I think we’ve got a dancer on our hands! If you following me on InstaStories you see him break a groove almost every day
  • He’s the most mischievous little man ever! He knows when he shouldn’t be doing something and does it anyways;)

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