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Lessons Learned from 33 Hours Without Electricity

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So I had a doozy of a weekend, and that’s putting it mildly. If you viewed any of my InstaStories for the last three days then you saw that on Friday morning, at approximately 4:35 a.m., we lost power due to a crazy wind storm. But we weren’t the only ones hit, nope, there were widespread power outages all over the DMV with downed trees and power lines wrecking havoc all over the place.

With the entire family stuck at home, and no electricity, suffice to say I nearly went crazy. That’s a ton of forced family time, but thankfully we regained power on Saturday afternoon. Praise! Shortly after the electricity was back, as I enjoyed a nice, long hot shower, I thought about the lessons I learned from my time of distress. Here’s what I came up with:

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1// Therapy is necessary. I go to therapy on a bi-weekly basis and this past Friday happen to be a session but I had to miss it because of all the wind storm hoopla. Bygolly did my psyche need crave that hour to decompress. By missing my session, I realized that my mental state relies on that time with an unbiased observer to help me talk things out. To be honest, I’m feeling unbalanced and a little out of sorts.

2// I’m not cut out to live the “simple life.” It’s just not for me. I was irritable, cranky, moody and 75 other synonyms for bitchy the entire time we didn’t have power. All I kept dreaming about the entire time was a hot bath, clean pajamas and my lamp light. I was pathetic!

3// I’m actually eating better than I thought! You wanna know how I know? I went two days eating McDonald’s breakfast and indulging on dinners out and my body isn’t particularly happy with me right now. It’s sluggish, my metabolism is out of whack and I feel like I’ve had a tummy ache for three days. I just want a salad, some nuts and a green smoothie to fuel me for the next several days, LOL.

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4// Physical activity is crucial for my sanity. I haven’t been to the gym since Wednesday and boy has my body craved movement. I’ve know that my gym sessions are a great place for me to clear my head but I didn’t know it was something it truly relied on. My body is yearning for a good sweat sesh!

5// I rely on TV to entertain my kids. After an hour with my kids it dawned on me that all I wanted to do was sit them in front of the television for a little peace and quiet. And candidly that’s so sad. I am never going to judge a mother for doing what she needs to do for a few moments of tranquility because we need it often doing what we do – parenting – but I think after this weekend I’m going to try to do it less. I want to be more present and engage where I can. Even if I’m not partaking in the festivities, I’d like there to be less with the TV on.

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