Wardrobe Remix

Wardrobe Remix Vol.44

I love Wardrobe Remix posts! If not for the outfit inspiration than for the reminder that I have to bust out an old favorite and find a new way to style it. Like my collection of overalls! If you haven’t noticed already you’ll see that there are two different pairs shared in today’s remix post. One of which I got at H&M a few years back (circa 2015, I believe). After Theo was born however, naturally my body changed and those pair didn’t fit me quite right. I keep them around because I’d like to think that I’ll fit back into them one day, but that’s neither here nor there. Thankfully my pair from Madewell have lived up to their price tag. I purchased them around this time last year and let’s just say the CPW (cost per wear) have paid for them tenfold!

If you’re on the fence about getting yourself a pair of overalls I’m hear to tell you, DO IT! They are so fun to wear and even more fun to style up. I hear good things about the version Old Navy currently has in stock, but to help you make a decision I’ve linked to some great options below! Even a maternity pair for my pregnant friends;) I got you, boo!

So tell me, are you a fan of overalls? If not, can you share what turns you off about them?

 photo WR44_zps4llxqo7i.jpg

look 1 | look 2 | look 3 | look 4 | look 5

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