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REAL TALK: My Kid is a Jerk (and so is Yours)

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Real talk, my kid is a jerk and I’m sure yours is too. I don’t know why mother’s don’t want to openly admit this fun fact – oh that’s right because I’m certain you are judging the shit out the title and contents of this post. Judge away, my friends, judge away. But I’d like to state that we as mother’s (and women, for that matter) shouldn’t put our focus on the judgement and condemnation of other females but that topic is for another day. Today we are discussing the matter of how crazy our tiny spawns makes us and why we love them regardless.

I get the eye rolls, the sass, the hand on the hip while other parent’s get the sweetness. Why is that? Because my kid is a jerk and so is yours. It’s funny how often I get told that Remy is a well-behaved kid, and for the most part she is, but behind the scenes, behind the perfectly captured “candid” shot of my mini me is a master mind of manipulation. I’ve spoken about this before, home girl knows how to push my buttons and while it drives me absolutely bonkers I love Remy wildly and unconditionally for the passionate, free spirit she is.

That’s our job, isn’t it? To raise these tiny humans into unstoppable forces, with zeal, moxie and let’s not forget kindness. At the end of the day that’s really all I want for her. So if I have to suffer the wrath of Remy’s fearlessness and spunk now, I’ll do it with pride and admiration and a couple screaming matches along the way. We can’t let them know that they’re winning in the end just yet. That’s for their late 20′s, my friends;)

So shout out  to all the moms that are drowning, I’m right there with you standing in solidarity. Why is is so hard to admit that we’re failing on the daily? Why must we present these images of happy, shiny lives that don’t really exist? Are you really sitting on your patio eating that avocado toast, drinking that smoothie and feeding your kid organic yogurt? If you are – teach me your ways! But if you aren’t, don’t worry neither am I. I’m over here drowning in my own making of motherhood.

I won’t pretend that every day is a walk in the park because some days are pretty spectacular and make it all worth it. But on those other days? Those other days are spent mentally berating myself for yelling when I should’ve kept my cool, or crying in the shower because motherhood is hard and exhausting. So here’s to our jerky kids that will hopefully change the world for the better. Because they have mothers that will never give up on them and will love them with every ounce they’ve got. Cheers to us!

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