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A Pep Talk on Self-Worth

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Let me tell you something about myself. I’m one of those people that relies more on the thoughts and opinions of others than relying on the thoughts and options that matter most – my own. Only through therapy have I recently come to realize this. And folks, it was an embarrassing epiphany to come to terms with. All that to say, I tend to let the feeling of not feeling good enough sneak in to my psyche a lot easier than most people.

Are you one of those types of people too? Because if so, I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. I feel those feelings often, in big ways and in small. They are always top of mind, always clouding my judgement, always clouding my worth. The negative thoughts are constant and ever rolling and they suck real bad. But, as hard as it’s been to admit all this about myself, it is only fueling my motivation to do something about these feelings of inadequacy. I will not play the victim of my own story.

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It is so easy to get caught up in the hamster wheel of comparison and self-doubt. It manifests itself in your psyche and manipulates your reality, putting your priorities out of whack. I know this from experience, folks. But I’m learning techniques on how to combat these feelings of not being enough. First question I ask myself: where is the feeling coming from/what is the root? I find it, analyze but don’t take it as fact immediately. That last part is key.

Are your notions of self-doubt/self-worth coming out of your perception of a situation? Again, do not hold it as fact. Evaluate the situation for its validity first because often times we perceive things differently than how they are actually going down. The feelings that you are having, are they due to your translation of certain events? Those are not facts, those are your perceptions of the facts.

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The lesson here – don’t let your perception of a situation trick you into believing you are not enough. Don’t let self-doubt seep into your daily life. If you do, it’ll hold you captive. It’ll stifle you and suppress your true self. The trick is to inject a shot of truth into the situation. Analyze it again, but this time see it for what it is, not for what you perceive it to be. In that analytical state, don’t let the lies convince you of what is not true.

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