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Faux Leather Yoga’s

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Similar Sweater | Similar Leggings | Hat | Boots via JustFab

I’ve talked about this time of the year – my lack of personal style inspiration is ridiculous. All I really want to do is gravitate towards cozy, roomier pieces to insulate heat and hide mask my winter body. My girlfriends will tell me, “Just wear some yoga’s (i.e. yoga pants) and call it a day!” But as they can tell you, I’m not a “yoga’s” wearing kind of gal – it’s just not my personal style preference. But what I can get behind – faux leather yoga’s!

In the fall I had invested in these faux leather leggings for two reasons: 1) Every blogger and their mom owned them and raved about them; and 2) Tummy control leggings – my interest was piqued. Three to five business days later they were mine! And friends, they were as good as everyone said they would be. High-wasted, sucked EVERYTHING in and they were faux leather – how badass is that!? And then I rummaged through my wardrobe and stumbled upon these which I purchased last year during after-Christmas sales. (Hi, I’m Joanne and I’m a shopaholic. This is where you chime in and say, “Hi, Joanne!”)

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Who needs two pairs of faux leather leggings, no one, but I guess these are the instances we learn the life lessons. Life Lesson #24784903: Have an inventory of your closet so that you don’t buy two of an almost identical item. Anyways, I digress. I love these pair from last season and I love the more expensive version too.

So to my girlfriends, that probably think I’m extra AF, here’s as cozy and comfy as I’m going to get. Yoga’s and a (cute) sweater. I guess I could be wearing sneakers too but we don’t want to rush things – one step at a time.

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Get the Look:

Similar Sweater | Similar Leggings | Hat | Boots via JustFab

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