Theodore – Seventeen Months

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As with Remy’s 17 month update, we are changing things up a bit. Since our daily routine is just that, a routine, there hasn’t been much change so I’ll be removing that section of the post until further notice. Keep reading for an update on little man!


Vocabulary/Taking: Hi, bye-bye, up, down, doggy, dog, puppy, ball, bird, book, head, clap, no, wow, uh oh, mama, dada, yum, poo poo, yay and more that I can’t think up at the moment.

Theo will have a straight up conversation with you, and if you talk to him as if it’s real, he’ll react accordingly. It’s the most adorable thing ever! He’s not quite putting words together but he seems to understand command and signs “more” and “food.” Also, after he goes #2, he’ll come over and say, “poo poo” so that you can check his diaper.

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Napping/Sleeping: It’s funny how similar Remy and Theo are at this age. Right now he won’t really take his daily nap longer than an hour unless you rock him back to sleep. Which, who has time for that?! Although, it sometimes allows me to nap with him in my arms, which I kinda miss.

For night time sleep, he’s still waking every few hours but all we have to do is put the pacifier back in his mouth and he’s back to sleep. I’m thinking we may need to sleep train soon because, although the nightly wake up aren’t horrible, I’d rather have uninterrupted sleep. With Remy at this age, we’d bring her in with us and all go back to bed. But I really don’t want to encourage that behavior with Theo.

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Eating: There are good days and there are bad days, but one this is true: little man loves to eat, he’s just particular. He likes what he like and will try new foods but that’s not always a guarantee. We recently introduced open-faced peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and they were a big hit. He also recently tried Tyson’s chicken nuggets and he like’s those, too. Blueberries are his new obsession. He also really like veggie chips/straws too and applesauce is his everything. I’ve started introducing veggie pouches because I fear he’s not in-taking enough vegetable.

Growth/Health/Development: Once again, no official stats but we’ll have some ready to share next month for his 18th month update! He’s been a drooling machine lately, so many new teeth poking through. He was pretty healthy this last month, thank goodness, but he does seem to developing a bit of a cough. Hopefully it doesn’t turn into anything too serious. He did take a pretty nasty spill this past weekend and has a mean scrape on his cheek.

Homeboy is still rocking 18mo clothing, however, we’ve started pulling out 24mo clothing! He’s not drowning in all the extra material but you can tell that it’s just a tab bit big on him. I’m waiting on Theo’s little feet to grow a bit more because his shoe collection is quite extensive. Hand-me-downs from his older sister are waiting, like several pair of Chuck Taylors! He’s still wearing size 4 shoes but we may be bumping him up real soon. He is also still in size 4 diapers.

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  • Favorite books include this, this and this
  • Theo will grab your hands and yell, “clap!” while clapping your hands
  • Little dude can tell you where is head is if you ask him
  • He loves when you kiss his feet or if you smell them and say, “stinky!”
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