Theodore – Sixteen Months

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So this post is long overdue, huh? With the new site launch, the plague which hit our household and my lack of time and motivation to blog unfortunately this post is going live well past its expiration date. HOWEVER, I just couldn’t skip it!? That seems ridiculous to me, and something I will regret down the road. So without further adieu, Theodore LeRoy’s 16 month update!

Routine: We are all out of whack when it comes to homeboy’s routine this past month. The off sleep schedule, being sick and suffering through the most horrific and traumatizing diaper rash – our normal schedule was thrown out the window to accommodate for all the unforeseen “fun.”
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Napping/Sleeping: Like I had mentioned last month, the week of Thanksgiving threw everything off and we haven’t recovered sense. Luckily little dude is sleeping through the night again (praise), however he is taking longer to fall asleep once we put him down AND he’s waking at 6:30 AM everyday.

Also, for naps now he won’t take anything longer than an hour and half and we’re lucky if he makes it to that mark. A few times in the last month, Theo even decided to skip his naps all together. The result is a cranky, overtired toddler and a cranky, overtired mommy. It’s been a rough month, to say the least.

Eating: Little guy has been rather picky this past month. However, I blame the upset stomach he was rocking for almost an entire week. Now that was rough! He was boycotting solids and only wanted mushy food. I refused to go backwards so it was a battle to get him to eat anything that wasn’t apple sauce or yogurt. It didn’t help that we had to be careful because he was upchucking everything we were giving him for three days. But more on that later…

Theo has snapped back a little however. He loves scrambled eggs with cheese, is obsessed with chips of all kinds and enjoys breakfast bars with the fruit in the middle. He is still taking at least four bottle a day, all of which are around five ounces except for his bedtime bottle that is eight.
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Growth/Health/Development: I don’t have official stats for y’all this month but I feel like homeboy is growing cause he’s so heavy to hold! He has teeth coming in at all times. I can’t even count how many more new ones have sprouted. From the looks of it it seems like they have all broken through the gums, tho!

This month Theo got hit with pink eye and a double ear infection. Lordy was that a struggle. He was so fussy and whinny (my two least favorite things) and wanted to be held at all times. Little man was given amoxicillin for his ear infections which upset his stomach, BAD. Two days in and homeboys butt was raw from the diaper rash. It was the worse I’d ever seen/witnessed. He wasn’t keeping anything down and what he did keep down came out in the form of liquid. I felt so bad for the guy. We took a break from the medicine for a few days to let his stomach settle and then started it back up again. Luckily it worked and he was back to normal in a matter of days. He also got a pretty nasty cold earlier in the month but that seems like nothing after the other sicknesses.

Developmental wise he’s basically running now, we are teaching him where his head, nose and mouth are and what dogs and cats say. He loves to “read” books and still aspires to be a little climber.

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  • Dancing is his thing! Whenever music comes on he drops everything and starts jamming
  • He pounds it! If you show your fist and say, “boom” he repeats after you and does the same
  • He gives the most amazing open mouth kisses you’ll ever receive
  • He can climb on the Lazy Boy in our home. Hasn’t quite mastered the sectional but if he places toys underneath him to add height (which he’s done before) he can get on.
  • He loves the outdoors! We had a warm front for a few days and spent time outside and he was in his element! It’s cold again, so he’ll look outside as if to say, “Ma, can we go back out please?”
  • He calls his socks shoes, it’s pretty cute
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