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So this idea of putting together a list of 18 things for the new year is nothing groundbreaking. I’ve seen several lists like this one across the web over the last few weeks but loved the thought behind it and thought it would a great way to keep myself accountable for 2018. You will notice that I am taking a different approach, adding both goals and daily habits. Some are focused on learning and expanding my mind, while others may have a longer lead time and some things will be one and done. I wanted to have a good mix that would affect all the different areas of my life. I want to empower myself to live in an atmosphere of growth and take novelty in the little challenges in life.

This will be a great post to reference whenever I find myself in a rut and need a happiness boost, I can pick something on this list to work on and accomplish. Who doesn’t want a constant feeling of accomplishment throughout the year? I know I do! I hope that these 18 little things add together to make a memorable year!

  1. Launch the new Fabulously Average site. I’m ecstatic to have this one scratched off my list well ahead of the February 1 deadline I had given myself back in November. A major accomplishment for me, for sure, because it required me to step outside of my comfort zone. Read more about why here.
  2. Fold laundry the day it comes out of the dryer. Seems simple enough but this task tends to be shoved down to the bottom of my to-do list every time. If I could just fold it and put it away on the same day, my life would seem way less chaotic.
  3. Travel to at least two new place within the Continental U.S. In 2017 I got the chance to take trips to places I’d never been before, CharlestonCharlottesville, Rehoboth Beach, it was amazing! I want to continue to take little trips, even if they are to places just a few hours away.
  4. Exercise regularly. I’m not putting a specific “goal weight” on my list but looking at this as lifestyle change. I used to workout regularly and then just stopped. Maybe because of motherhood, maybe because of my depression but either way it’s something I want to re-implement in my daily life with no expectations in the end.
  5. In the same vain as the goal above, take a new exercise class. Whether its spin, power yoga or something I’ve never heard of, I am determined to extend my body in a way it’s never been extended before!
  6. Take a girls trip. We are already sort of planning one for the late summer/early fall timeframe! I just hope it really happens because  Charlottesville was too much fun!
  7. Make the bed every morning. Another super easy task that never gets done. It’s really rare for me to make the bed in the morning. This is mainly due to the fact that I’m the first one out of bed, but I think I can squeeze in a tuck here and there before I head out the door every morning. I believe that coming home to a made bed makes the room more inviting and bright.
  8. Read at least 6 books. I’ve already knocked out one book! Earlier this month I listened to The Four Agreements and really liked it. Audible is the greatest thing ever invented and perfect for someone who commutes almost an hour to and from work.
  9. Do a true closet clean out. Last year I did a few quick purges here and there but my wardrobe didn’t really show for it. I know for a fact that I held on to things for the sake of holding on to them, so my closet is in need of a “deep clean”
  10. Implement monthly Remy dates. I’ve really wanted to build this expectation but haven’t been able to get this started. I feel like I’m always dedicating my time to Theo, only because he’s at the stage where he requires all my attention. Implementing monthly dates with my homegirl will keep us connected and reassure her that mommy is always in her corner.
  11. Get a new camera. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while but haven’t dedicated the time to do my research. I think I know what I want. I just need to put together a compassion list. I also want to visit my local camera shop to see if I can do a trade in.
  12. Do at least three “no shop” months. Last month I aimed at not shopping for six months which I didn’t accomplish but I did make it to almost four months. This year, I’d like to not shop three separate months. Right now I’m thinking February (short month), July and October. This will probably be the hardest on the list.
  13. Work ahead. I want to start working ahead, this is especially aimed at Fabulously Average. I’d like to plan out my content for the week/month. This ensures posts go up on time. I really do want to rededicate myself to the blog, I just need to make a plan to do so.
  14. Schedule a family trip. In 2017 we took an impromptu trip to the beach (Rehoboth Beach) and this year I’d like to do the same but actually plan something out. Whether it’s a week or just a long weekend, I’d like to take the kids somewhere they’ve never been. Most likely the beach because they absolutely loved it!
  15.  Do a 3-day fast. For someone who likes to eat, I’ve always wanted to do a cleanse. I know, I sound crazy but let me explain why: I’ve heard that fasting fuels the body, mind and soul and that sounds very appealing to me.
  16. Take intermittent social media breaks. There are 52 weekends in the year, I plan on taking a social media break for at least four of them. This will be super hard for me because I tend to be glued to my phone but that’s exactly why I need the breaks – to unplug, be present with those I love and gain perspective.
  17. Learn how to budget. I suck at budgeting and maintaining my finances. I really need to crack the whip and get my finances in order to spend money on things that matter.
  18. Donate. Originally I was going to specifically call out donating money to a charity and/or my church, but I also want to remind myself to donate the clothes I purge when I do my closet clean out.

So what are your thoughts on the 18 items on my list? Do you have a similar list going, if so, share some of your items in the comments below! I may do this for my next birthday too, 33 for 33! Would y’all be up for that?

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