Theodore – Fifteen Months Old

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So this post is going up hella late. Apologies if you were waiting with bated breath, life got in the way. Not to mention, little man’s check-up was scheduled after the fact and to include all of his most updated stats the post would be going up late regardless. Enough with the excuses, let’s get to Theo’s 15 month update!

Routine: Are you tired of me telling you that we haven’t had any changes to our routine? Cause nothing new to report here. Well, we have had some changes and struggles the last month or so but that has more to do with sleeping. Read on for that update below.

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Napping/Sleeping: Since the week of Thanksgiving, homeboy has either been teething (molars are coming in) and/or we’ve just hit a major rough patch in his sleeping patterns.

The four-day weekend of Thanksgiving was rough guys! Like, Theo refused to sleep through the night, waking every few hour, and he wasn’t napping. Needless to say, mama was happy to go back into work that following Monday. Since then, however, little dude is doing better but we are still struggling every few days. Theo is either screaming his head off when we put him down to bed at night or he goes down easily but will wake at least once. In the instance that he wakes, sometimes dad or I just get comfy on the floor with a comforter and don’t fight it.

He’s gotten a little better about waking at night but now he wakes up at 6:30 a.m. on the dot every day. Not convenient on weekends. Not really convenient on weekdays either, but by that time I’m already up and getting ready for the day so it doesn’t phase me as much as it does dad, lol. But yeah, we’re all trying to get used to this phase, until the next one. But looking back at Remy at this age, the same thing happened. Hmm…

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Eating: So last month I mentioned that I would be working on adjusting his bottle schedule to account for meals, and we’ve been doing well some days and crappy on other days. He still eats breakfast at 8 a.m. but now I push lunch to 11:30 so that he’s down for his nap by noon. For both those morning feedings, he eats a meal of solid foods (oatmeal, fruit, mash potatoes and meatballs, to name a few) as well as a 4oz bottle and 6oz bottle respectively.

Between 2 and 2:30, depending how long he’s down for his nap, we’ll give him a snack of fruit of puffs and then a 6oz bottle at 4:30 before he goes down for his afternoon nap. He then eats whatever we’re eating for dinner and then his bedtime bottle (8oz).

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Growth/Health/Development: Little man is growing but I feel like Remy at this age was so much bigger. At least two inches taller and six pounds heavier. I know – DON’T COMPARE, but I can’t help it! Theo is 31.75 inches tall, putting him in the 71 percentile in height, and he weighs 22.84 pounds, placing him in the 51 percentile for toddlers his age. He’s growing consistently, so I have nothing to worry about, but it’s weird how differently they are growing.

Homeboy has so many teeth! Like I mentioned earlier, he’s got many of his molars coming in so that’s a fun, slobbery mess. Because of the teeth, Theo has had some tummy issue and had pretty bad diaper rash earlier this month. Thankfully, we are past that right now, but boy was that rough.

He got his first black eye a few weeks ago. Theo lost his footing and hit the corner of a table. I like to think the bruise makes him look tougher, LOL. On another note, at this month’s check-up we found out that little dude’s iron looked a little low, so we may need to start adding iron supplements.

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  • Little guy wags his finger and say’s, “no, no” and it’s probably the cutest thing ever
  • Theo likes to rattle and shake the baby gate in the living room to escape and he’s been successful several times
  • He put the Christmas tree up earlier this week! We haven’t put ornaments yet (this weekend) but I’m curious to see if he’ll be snatching them off the tree
  • If you tell him to stomp, he’ll shuffle his feet as fast as he can – so cute!
  • Another song in his arsenal, along with I Love You, is Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  • Theo has become obsessed with books! He’ll climb onto his toy train to reach them where they are stored. He’ll walk into the living room and yell, “book!”
  • I think little man will be athletic! He can throw the ball at you if you ask and actually has aim!
  • If you ask him to stomp, Theo stops around in place. It’s more like marching in place but it’s still cute!
  • We call him Mikey because he’ll almost eat anything


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