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Am I Okay with Not being Heard?

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So last night I stayed up later than normal to work on today’s post. I was putting the final touches when I accidentally clicked out of my drafts window and exited out without saving. An hour and a half worth of work out the window. I was crush, exhausted and annoyed but not enough to gather my thoughts and rewrite the post. Why, because it was a post about not being heard.

If you are a blogger/influencer and haven’t read this post by Alissa from The Adored Life then you are doing life wrong. Gah, I have so many feels for her message to the countless content creators trying to take stake on this place we call the Internet. The ultimate platform to spread our voices and yet there are never enough voices and also too many voices. Does that make sense?

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My initial post was in response to Alissa’s post. About how there is no one holding a gun to my head to produce content for the blog yet I feel guilty when I don’t. Fabulously Average is my passion project, the livelihood of my family does not depend on this space. And while I’m okay with it being a hobby, it’s still a hard realization when you’re words aren’t going aren’t going anywhere.

Long story short, I wrote this long winded post about how I don’t feel heard. I no longer feel like I’m making an impact on anyone but myself. But I guess that’s something in and of itself, that I can produce content I’m proud of – if not for anyone else but myself. Isn’t that the important lesson in the end? I don’t know, I’m feeling all types of rejected by the Internet these days. Don’t event get me started on the Instagram algorithm?!

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