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First off, I wanted to thank y’all for the love and support I received since sharing the post about my depression. I got a lot of encouraging words of strength and even connected with a few women struggling with similar thoughts and experiences. I cannot be more thankful for such a supportive community.

Over the last several months I’ve found it difficult to be the best version of myself. When you’re in a state of depression, you’re convinced that you aren’t enough. For anything or anyone. And folks, that’s a hard place to be in especially when you have people depending on you. But in this new chapter of rediscovery, I’ve learned that one of the best things I could do for my children and for my husband is be a better version of myself. I’m learning that I am enough and that I deserve to be happy too. In this journey I’ve credited much of my happiness to, not just the people around me, but also to calculated, intentional things I’ve started doing to set my mind straight and put in a position of happiness.

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Self Care. I cannot say this enough, self care is really important because it puts you in the state of mine that cherishes you and sometime you need a little cherishing. Whether it’s a dedicated 30 minutes for a bubble bath, a jog, to read a book, to give yourself a facial – whatever it is, make time to care for your well-being. If you’re not in the right place mentally, how do you expect to properly be there for those around you? Get where I’m going with this one?

Create A Gratitude List. This is new to me, but creating a gratitude list has helped me really appreciate the people and things in my life that truly make me happy. Once a week (typically Sunday nights), I sit down and just jot down all the things that made the week prior enjoyable. Whether it was a moment of pure bliss while watching Theo and Remy play or a kind gesture from a co-work, if it made me smile and feel all warm inside, it make the list!

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Prioritize Your Goals. Another new to me concept but you don’t realize how important it is until this next sentence. It’s easy to let other/outside forces prioritize your goals for you. Think about it, how simple is it for someone to hijack your goals with a simple request. You don’t realize that most of the time you are putting your goals on hold to help someone else achieve theirs. Make your list a priority because no one else will.

I really hope this ‘best self’ check list really sets you on a path of success. At the end of the day, you have to invest in yourself in order for others to take a chance and invest in you too. For me, realizing that the one of the biggest indicators of happy, well-adjusted people is being raised by happy, well-adjusted parents. And that’s what I want to be, happy and well-adjusted. Well, I guess as adjusted as I can be;)

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Get the Look:
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