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You ever have a busy week/month/year when all you are is busy? That’s where I am right now. To be completely candid with y’all, that’s where I’ve been for nearly a year. I’ve been living in the busy season. In the midst of wishing away a bad period in my life, busy became the solution. It became my solution. But in all the busy I realized that I’m missing it all – I’m missing out in my life. I’m missing the moments, the ones I will cherish for years to come. Sure, I feel the hard parts with every fiber of my body (why won’t busy numb that?) but the joyous ones, those are the ones I’m not fully there for. Does that make sense?

I feel like the happy times don’t feel quite real, they merely feel like a dream. A dream that, eventually, will be consumed by some sort of hard or busy and just like that it’ll be forgotten. Like it never happened.

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How do we escape these types of seasons, any ideas or recommendations? I’m wracking my brain for ways I can be more present and snap myself out of this funk, for lack of a better word, but seem to hit a road block. I want to truly be present but it seems like an impossible task. I know I need to take action but can’t seem to move.

I’m not going to apologize for the raw honesty of this post, because this is my space and I do with it what I please. But I am going to say that if you’re at all feeling the way I am, I’m here to be a safe haven where you can share your struggles too. If you follow me on Instagram and saw my stories from a few weeks back, then you are aware of where all this is coming from. If you don’t follow, in due time. I’m going through some tough times, or rather a “busy season’, and I’m going to try and be more honest about it in this little corner of the Internet. Let me just muster my courage first. Until then, know that I’m here for you if y’all will be there for me.

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