Theodore – Fourteen Months Old

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Little man is such an explorer! He is always on the go and is constantly finding things to climb on. Theodore also got his first haircut this month. Needless to say, I may have cried. More updates on the tiniest Mason below!

Routine: I wish I could say something has changed in our routine but everything is pretty much the same. I was, however, nervous about Daylight Savings and having to readjust our lives. Is that being too dramatic? I don’t think so either.

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Napping/Sleeping: Speaking of Daylight Savings, two days before D-day, we started putting the kids to bed 30 minutes after their bedtime in an attempt to not have the time change effect when they wake up. And by golly, it worked! DLS didn’t phase Theo one bit and he adjusted immediately.

I think this next month I’m going to work on putting him down for his morning nap (typically at 11) an hour later in an attempt to also change up when he eats/snacks.

Eating: We’ve noticed that Theo doesn’t like his milk if it’s still cold, we have to heat it up a bit in order for him to take his bottle. So high maintenance, LOL. All in all though, the little guy loves himself some food. He is always asking to eat whatever we are eating and is constantly signing for more. His favorite foods are bananas, applesauce, chips, watermelon, french fries, ALL THE FOODS! He’s taken to feeding the dogs his meals, which is annoying but also so cute.

As I mentioned before, I’m working to get him to eat his meals four hours apart instead of three. My plan is for homeboy to eat at 8am, 12pm, 4pm and his bedtime bottle. The 4pm feeding will be more of a snack because he’ll probably be eating somemore at 6:30 when we all eat dinner.

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Growth/Health/Development: I don’t have stats for y’all this time around but next month Theo has a wellness check-up so we’ll know where he stands. Personally, I feel like the little dude hasn’t grown at all since his first birthday. Looking at him compared to other babies his age he seems so small to me. I don’t know, I guess I could be overreacting.

Theo doesn’t particularity choose to walk when he wants to get somewhere quickly but he’s walking up a storm lately! He’s still taking about 6-8 steps before he gives up to crawl but he’s started standing up on his own and taking a stroll versus us prompting him to.  We recently got him actual sneakers to get him used to soled shoes.

Theo is wearing size 4 shoes, still in size 4 diapers, although we’ll probably be going up this month, and is wearing 12 month clothes with a few 18 month pieces thrown into the mix. Most of his pants/sweats have to be 18mo to not look high-water. I recently stocked up on some sweaters for the little guy and I can’t wait to see how cute and cozy he’ll look!

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  • The hitting phase in full force. Homeboy will slap you across the face and give you the stink-eye like he’s boss. I can’t wait until we’re past this phase.
  • Theo will say, “up” if he wants you to pick him up! He’ll do the same if he wants you to open his jar of blocks – I’m trying to teach him the difference.
  • When he really like what he’s eating he’ll give you the biggest grin of approval. It’s adorable!
  • Like I mentioned before, he’s a climber! He likes to climb on top of his toy box, which is right in front of the television, and bang on the T.V.
  • Theo got his first haircut in October. I was nervous and sad but it needed to happen, his bangs kept getting in his eyes.
  • He sings along to the Barney, “I love you” song and it’s the cutest thing on earth!
  • Little man LOVES to dance. As soon as he hears music he starts to wiggle his body.
  • His favorite show is Jeopardy. No, seriously.

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