Theodore – Thirteen Months Old

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And just like that, we have ourselves a one year old. Little man is surprising me every single day. He’s getting such a personality on him, I foresee him being a people person, for sure.


Routine: Same routine as normal. The only time it get disrupted is if we have something going on like a birthday party. In those cases we just pray he takes a nap in the car and bank on his evening nap.

Napping/Sleeping: I appreciate that this guy know’s how to self sooth himself. We don’t even have to go in his bedroom, we just wait a couple of minutes and it’s as if he realizes that we’re not coming and goes back to sleep. However, he has had some night terrors which make it a little hard for him to go back to sleep. It breaks my heart when he can’t snap out of whatever he was dreaming about .

As far as I know, Theo is still taking two naps a day. At daycare, I’m not sure how much they enforce a second nap because sometimes he seems exhausted and restless when we pick him up, so on those days we put him to bed 30 minutes earlier. Otherwise, on the weekends little guy takes a nap from 11-2 and then again from 5-6:15.

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Eating: And the transition from formula to cow’s milk was seamless! I’m so happy the little guy didn’t have any issues. He’s even stopped spitting up as frequently as he used to! We do have to warm it up a bit in order for him to finish all of his bottle.

When it comes to eating table foods, Theo is pretty much up for anything. He is no longer taking purees and is solely eating  solids, well other than his morning oatmeal. This last month he’s tried: Swedish meatballs, barque chicken, carnitas (obsessed!), blueberries, noodles (isn’t a fan), potato salad and more that I can’t remember.

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Growth/Health/Development: No official stats this time around, I think we’ll have those at his 15 month check up. He’s had to have gained some weight tho, because it is getting harder and harder to hold him for long periods of time. He’s so heavy!

I think homeboy is getting sick. He has a nasty cough but hopefully it doesn’t get much worse. Otherwise, Theo has been pretty healthy this last month. He still not walking, excepted assisted, but I’m sure he’ll do it soon enough. I’m trying not to compare him and Remy but it doesn’t make me a little nervous he hasn’t started walking yet.

Theodore is still wearing size 12 month clothes comfortably with a few pieces at 18 month. I can’t believe we’ll have to buy him a coat soon?! Kids coats annoy me because they grow out of them so quickly.

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  • Theo tries to outshine his sister. Well, maybe not outshine but he definitely tries to be louder than her when she’s singing or talking. We’ve got some loud kids.
  • When you ask him old he is, he jets out his pointer finger and yells, “Wha!” It’s the cutest thing ever!
  • Somehow homeboy is figuring out how to get himself out of his highchair. He hasn’t quite mastered it completely but he’s getting there.
  • Theo needs a haircut bad, but he doesn’t sit still enough for hit to happen. Mama’s, what do you recommend?
  • He like to climb the stairs, get himself up and try and go up them holding on to the banister. You’ve gotta walk first, little man!
  • Theo’s started giving out kisses! Big, open-mouth kisses and I don’t mind all the drool.
  • Homeboy climbs on EVERYTHING! He’s going to be a risk taker, I know it.


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