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How to Balance Motherhood and a Full-time Job

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Today’s post is about how I balance motherhood and a full time job, and my secret is that I don’t. Candidly, lately I have been the true definition of a hot mess mom, a hot mess wife, a hot mess employee and list goes on and on. But over the last several weeks I’ve learned to be okay with not being the perfect depiction of the perfect mother, wife or employee. But while that constant worry, and need to be perfect, isn’t at the forefront of my mind as often as it once was, it’s still very apparent in my thoughts.

Unfortunately social media puts a lot of pressure on society to live a perfectly, curated life. And while I love it [social media], I also hate it. In my life, blogging and platforms like Instagram make it seem like there is such things as “balance,” and that constant need to look like I have it all together puts an enormous amount of pressure on me. But I want you to know, there isn’t true balance, at least not in my life. At all. And if there were more women out there telling us that there is no such thing as real balance in it all, than I think posts like this one wouldn’t be necessary.

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If you’re reading this I already know we have one thing in common, and that commonality is that you and I both get overwhelmed with the constant pulling from one thing to the other. Adulthood is hard, add being a mother and working full time and everything becomes even harder. I’m not saying I have it all figured, because trust me when I say I don’t, here is a practical tip and some encouragement that I hope helps you today (and beyond)!

Let’s start off with a practical tip, shall we? I’ve started making it a priority to pull together a to-do list for my day/week. These lists focus on the daily tasks I need to complete outside of work. This way I can visually see what needs to be done, it allows me to

cross stuff off, and I also keep track of what I’m doing each week. On these lists I make it a point to prioritize my tasks,too, this way I can reflect on what truly is important at the end of the day.

And now on to the encouragement. I bet we can all agree that, often times, those to-do lists barely get touched. We all have full intentions to get *ish done but sometimes that doesn’t happen. And that’s okay. Did you hear me? IT’S OKAY NOT TO GET EVERYTHING DONE.

While I’m still working on this one myself, I beg you to give yourself some grace. Mama, you are a superhero! You are managing your life, and the lives of your family, all while also juggling a job (and I bet other stuff, too!). Props to you! So allow yourself the freedom that comes with not always crossing everything off of your to-do list. It’ll all eventually get done, maybe not all on the same day, but no one’s judging you on that so don’t judge yourself. So here’s to giving yourself some grace, today and everyday.

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