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What My Kid is Teaching Me

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I think when it comes to parenting, you never really hit a veteran stage. Sure, I’ve got four years and two kids under my belt, but without a doubt every day is an adventure, and I probably learn something new in this journey we call motherhood. As a mama, it is my duty to teach my children to be good human beings. For Remy, in particular, I’m working to teach her to be a confidant woman. But as each day passes, I’m realizing more and more that she is also teaching me lessons along the way. Patience, acceptance and strength are only a few of the teachings my mini me has taught me. Here are a few more..

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Forgive & Forget. I’m embarrassed to admit how often Remy and I get into full-out screaming matches. Neither one of us can accept being wrong. And while I tend to let those brief moments of unpleasantness fester within me for the remainder of the day, Remy on the other hand brushes it off when all is said and done. I wish I could be more like her, in that regard. Kids can experience pain, anger and frustration in one instance and in a matter of minutes forget it every happened and still love us in the end.

Family Above All Else. We’ve been going through a tough time as a family lately and for Remy, as long as we’re all together, surrounded by love, she’s happy as a clam. As adults, I wish we lived our lives with that simple, yet enduring, thought. We are all that we really need to feel fulfilled, so why add all that extra stuff? All those things that aren’t important – the latest gadget, the biggest home, the newest car, the trendiest shoes – they clutter the simple moments and often times cloud our judgement on the really important things in life, like family.

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Get the Look:
On Me: Dress (worn as a skirt) | MNG Lace Blouse | Booties
On Remy: Dress | Shoes

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Be Relentless. Ever notice how kids never take no for an answer? They just keep asking asking, and when they realize that you’re not willing to change your mind they go and ask someone else. I truly admire Remy’s persistence, and while it drives me up-the-wall crazy at times, she’s always relentless in her pursuit for another cookie, or another episode of Nella the Princess Knight. Adults on the other hand, accept the no and move on. Maybe we should be as stubborn as children?

Be True to How You Are Feeling. As adults, we tend to shrug off when a co-worker has belittled our idea, or when an acquaintance say’s no to our coffee invitation. Kids, however, won’t let that slide and will be vocal about having hurt feelings. I tend to swallow my feelings but my four year old will bluntly let me know when something is bothering her. This is something that Remy has really been teaching me lately.

So mama tell me this, what are some life lessons your little one is teaching you?

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Get the Look:
On Me: Dress (worn as a skirt) | MNG Lace Blouse | Booties
On Remy: Dress | Shoes


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