Theodore – Twelve Months Old

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First off, I’d like to state that this will probably be the last time we take Theo’s monthly photos on our rocking chair. Homeboy will not sit still, so we’ll have to adjust our strategy moving forward.

Secondly, little man is officially entering toddlerhood and I can’t deal with it. How is that happening so quickly? It was just yesterday that homeboy was nestled in the crook of my neck, smelling oh so new and delicious. Gah, I love my little goof ball.

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Routine: Nothing much has changed with our routine, everything running as is and as needed.

Napping/Sleeping: Does it get annoying how often I tell y’all that Theo is still sleeping through the night? We did have a few touch and go moments there, this last month, but I’m sure that had to do with the fact that little man was cutting teeth. Otherwise, Theo sleeping like a champ.

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Eating: We are working on finishing up the last of the puree and formula stash. Little man is doing rather well with solid foods but still has trouble keeping it down sometimes. It’s not that he doesn’t enjoy it, because homeboy loves food, but I think his system isn’t really used to solids. He loves peaches, bread and puffs. I’m eager to get Theo on actual milk! No more formula soon! But until then…

Growth/Health/Development: Tiny man, or not so tiny man, is growing right on cue according to his doctor! Theo weighs a whopping 21.56 pounds placing him in the 84th percentile in his age group. He jumped back up in his height and measure at 30 inches long. At his last check up, the doctor was acutely concerned that Theo had stopped growing at a steady pace but he’s back up, so that makes mama happy!

Unfortunately he was given two vaccines (chicken pox and the MMR shot) and his second flu shot last week. Poor guy flipped his ish and cried his little head off. But he steadied after some cuddle time. The last two weeks little man has been fighting a cold, but again I think it’s because he’s cutting teeth.

Theo is wearing 12 month clothes, has 8 teeth and itching to take some steps, I know it! He walks assisted around the furniture and I’m just waiting for the day he takes those first steps. I’m both excited and afraid for what’s to come, LOL.

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  • In addition to mama, baba and bye-bye, Theo now says “go” and “uh-oh!”
  • I’ve probably shared this before but he can sign “more”
  • We are working on giving kisses
  • He’s not the most affectionate baby (unlike Remy) but when he does want to cuddle it’s amazing
  • He likes to climb on you if you’re sitting at his level
  • Theo has learned to fake cry like a champ…it’s both cute and annoying
  • He has now taken to trying to stand up in the tub during bath time


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A birthday party recap post is coming! I was able to capture some moments from the festivities this past weekend and I cannot wait to share! I also got some great photos of Theo destroying his cake! Homeboy went IN on his birthday cake!


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