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Happy First Birthday, Theodore LeRoy!

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So today, the tiniest Mason, Theodore LeRoy, turns one. I’m a lot sadder than I thought I’d be. Not because I’m not happy that we made it through our first year with our little handsome guy, or the fact that we survived our first year as parents of two children, but I’m sad because I realize that Theo will likely be our last baby. This is the tiniest he’ll ever be and I’m not sure if I’m fully taking advantage of the fact that this is the last time our family will look the way it does. We’re robbed of the time we get on this earth, and I pray everyday that I’m fully taking it all in. Enough about time and my Debbie Downer thoughts, let’s get back to my handsome little guy!

Oh Theo, you are such a light in all our lives! When you smile it’s the most infectious thing, and you fully let the smile spill over your entire being. You dip your had back and share how joyful you feel, and for those precious moments I thank you. You are all boy – rough, rambunctious and a complete sweetheart. You are a complete goofball which I like to think comes from me;) You’ve started dancing out of the blue lately, just swaying from side to side to the beat in your head. It’s the cutest thing ever.

You adore your sister. You follow her with your eyes throughout the room and quickly crawl after her in hopes of her including you in her pretend world of the day. Luckily, she does acknowledge your existence and sometimes even plays with you. Adorably, you both work really heard to make each other laugh. From raspberries, to tickles, to rolling around on the ground – once you and Remy get laughing it makes my heart smile. My best give to each of you is each other.

To my little guy, your daddy and I love you with everything we’ve got and we are thankful for your presence in our lives each and everyday. You complete our little family in the most perfect way possible. Happy first birthday, Theo, my fearless little bear.

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