Theodore – Eleven Months Old

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How am I already frantic to plan this little dude’s first birthday party? Time is flying by way too quickly and I can’t believe that Theo will be one in just a few short weeks. I’m not ready for my baby not to be a baby anymore. Especially because I’m almost 100% certain this will be our last.


Routine: So we did have to establish a different routine for the last two weeks because Theo’s daycare provider went on vacation. Thankfully Grandma came to the rescue and was able to watch the littlest Mason while Kevin and I were at work.

While his feeding and napping times didn’t really change, we did add an additional evening nap to Theo’s schedule. After his 5 p.m. bottle we have started putting him down for an hour nap and waking him just before dinner time.

Napping/Sleeping: Theo is still an excellent sleeper/napper. I actually think this new nap (after his 5 p.m. feeding) helps the witching hour run a little smoother than before. He seems to be less fussy and easier to entertain. I’m thinking that Theo’s afternoon grumpy mood may have been because he was sleep?

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Eating: We have been actively working on introducing new foods to Theo’s diet. Not necessarily meals but foods to see if he likes something, i.e. guacamole which he loves! He’s also had scrambled eggs which he’ll eat if they are on the runnier side. Other foods he’s tried this month includes Chick-fil-a fries, garlic bread, rice and that’s all I could think of right now.

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Growth/Health/Development: Little dude is looking like the Incredible Hulk now a days. He’s definitely in store for a few new pieces of clothing, specifically pants. He doesn’t have any that fit but thankfully his shorts collection is doing him okay. I just have to do laundry a lot more frequently than I’d like. Maybe a trip to Walmart is in store soon to stock up. Otherwise, Theo is wearing 9 month onsies and a few 12 month clothes.  He wears size 4 diapers and still rocking the 9 month shoes when he wears shoes.

The little guy has hit a couple milestones this last month! He can now sit  himself up from laying position. He also has been pulling himself to his knees more frequently and has started to show interest in pulling himself up to standing position. Not successful but definite attempts have been made.

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  • He loves getting kisses from the dogs, especially Phoebe
  • While he hasn’t said Dada yet, he refers to Kevin by Baba
  • Remy is still his most favorite person on earth
  • He likes when you chase him, he crawls away so quickly laughing
  • He’ll babble quietly in the morning/after his naps if you don’t come in immediately after he wakes up and sometime eventually falls back asleep!
  • He loves doing raspberries which is cute but soaks him in drool


I’ve said it plenty of times before but little man is seriously the sweetest thing on earth! He loves food, crawling, sticking everything in his mouth and has the goofiest grin there is. I can’t wait until more of his personality blossoms.


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