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What to Pack: Summer Staycation

When I’m packing for a trip, one of my main goals is to “pack light” and if you’re anything like me that’s a foreign concept. So when I am traveling, I like to take the capsule wardrobe/minimalist mentality and truly work my suitcase. Hey, if I can Work My Wardrobe, a suitcase should be no problem! With a couple trips under my belt I think I’ve got my packing formula down to a science so today I thought I’d share a What to Pack – Summer Staycation edition – for the peeps that still have a few getaways queued up for the remainder of the season. As a note, because I packed for a staycation in mind, the pieces included are more casual than a trip that involves special occasions, etc. Hope this post is helpful, and at the very least I hope you’ve got some remixing inspiration!

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So the theme I had in mind for this trip was a little more playful than my previous packing posts. Typically I keep my color palette to whites and blues but this time around I wanted a prominent pop of color. After I established where I wanted that pop to come from (top or bottoms), I knew this graphic tee was going to be included into the rotation – it’s become a favorite (last worn here)! From there I knew I wanted options for my bottoms. This skirt was specifically saved for this trip, so it was a must, and denim shorts were a no brainer. The culottes were a risky move but they’ve become a staple in my summer wardrobe so they needed their place in the rotation.

 photo packingpost_zpsexgc7bmj.jpg

Lastly, because I kept my selection very limited, yet remixable, I depended on my accessories to differentiate between looks. A fedora here, statement earrings there and a switch up of my bags. Comfy sneakers and neutral sandals and I was good to go! The tactic really did me well and transformed my outfits enough to even surprise my husband!

 photo pack13_zpsxkg3jlkh.jpg

Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for outfit posts from the trip with the items rounded up in this post!


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