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When it comes to feminism I’m not quite sure where I would fall. Sometimes I wonder if I truly understand what being a feminist really means. Am I one, am I not one? Why is it such a controversial word right now? Why is it trending? Real talk – I can’t give you the answers to those questions. Why? Because feminism means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. And it wasn’t until recently that I realized I was one. Actually, I was told I was a feminist.

I’d like to start off by saying that you may not agree with this post, or my words, or my thoughts, or my beliefs and that’s perfectly okay. We’re meant to be challenged, meant to be questioned, because in the end our answers reveal what something truly means to us. If in the end of this post you don’t agree with my beliefs, let’s agree to disagree and go on with our lives coexisting in a world where it’s okay to be different – I think we can agree on that.

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To a lot of people the word feminist is a dirty word. Not really sure why. To me, being a feminist means seeking to be equal in all aspects of life – professionally, educationally, politically EQUAL. We’re all human and as such should have the same rights. Simple as that. I never understood what being a woman, or what being gay, or what being a different ethnicity or religion had to do with equality. Human is human, you know? That’s the first layer of my feminist beliefs.

The second layer is just as straight forward. While the concept is just as simple as equality it often get’s hidden behind jealousy and comparison – SISTERHOOD. As women we tend to focus on a lot of other stupid stuff that doesn’t matter instead of taking a second to appreciate the chick next to us, fighting the good fight, just like we all are. Lifting a fellow sister up for her accomplishments/beauty/intellect/etc. doesn’t make me less than. And it doesn’t make you less than either. We need to celebrate each other more because in doing so we are showing the world that we are a community that runs deep and an unstoppable force that will implement change. So today I encourage you to put down the shade and replace it with praise and tell a fellow warrior that she is a phenomenal light in this world. Because she is and so are you. I think there’s enough room at the top for all of us.

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