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Remy’s Moana Themed Birthday Party

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A couple weekends ago we celebrated Remy’s 4th birthday with at Moana themed party…pool party style! I loved seeing Remy’s excitement as she explored the room and found ideas from the movie come to life, like the Kakamora goodie bags or the exquisite, far too pricey, cake we decided to splurge on. I was nervous about the whole pool party idea but finally gave into the fact that it seamlessly collided with our theme, and it just so happens that the rec center where we held the party is where Remy takes her swim lessons.

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We decided to hold the party from 1-3 so that we didn’t have to shell out too much money on food. We kept that part of the party super simple and brought in pizzas and a few snacks like fish & chips (goldfish and chips and salsa in beach buckets!) and fruit salad. A few juice boxes and some water bottles and we called it a day.

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For decorations we didn’t have much of an option. Party City didn’t have much Moana themed decor except plates, napkins and balloons [insert eye roll here]. Thankfully they had plenty of luau themed decorations in stock so I grabbed what I could find and called it a day. The goodie bags were a labor of love from one of my friends (love you, Kirsten!) who is far craftier than I. She was kind enough to whip up the bags, fill them with some goodies and come a little early to help me set up.

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Kirsten also baked the adorable cupcakes! We used to work together so I knew here baking skills were up to snuff, when she asked if she should make cupcakes I couldn’t decline the sweet (and delicious) offer. Like I mentioned before, we wanted the birthday cake to be the star of the show and boy was it! It was everything I had imagined it to be, and then some! We originally were going to have it made by a friend but she backed out two days before the party and we had to scramble to find a place that would do it in a short window. Suffice to say, next year’s birthday cake will be plain.

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My family alone is humongous so we opted out of inviting friends from school, Remy had enough cousins there to have a blast. We also invited a few of my sorority sisters and their children to partake in the festivities; I love how our kids will grow up together! All in all, there were about 50 people (kids and their adults) to help celebrate the birthday girl!

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