Theodore – Ten Months Old

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This kid is going to be trouble! But trouble in the best way:) Theo is loud and rambunctious and doesn’t like to be sitting still. He’s such a spirited baby and enjoys putting on a show. I can’t imagine the damage he’ll do when he’s mobile – everything he finds goes in his mouth and there’s drool on ALL THE THINGS.


Routine: No changes to our routine. Little man is still going to daycare day in and day out #workingmomprobs. But there is one thing I know, Theo loves the ladies that watch him at daycare. He always seems so happy and excited when we drop him off and it makes me happy to know that he get’s to spend his days with women who adore him.

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Napping/Sleeping: Little dude is still sleeping soundly through the night. Thank goodness! We have noticed that he becomes Mr. Cranky Pants if he naps too late in the evening. We’ve learned to just skip the afternoon nap and hope his mid-morning nap lasts all 3 hours. Theo will, however, take a cat nap at 7 right before his final bottle/bedtime at 8 p.m.

Eating: While he is still being fed purees he will eat

dissolvable baby puffs/snacks and always demands for more! Theo loves to eat! He also loves watermelon, strawberries and Cheerios. Bananas can be a hit or miss, I guess it depends on whether or not he’s in the mood for them, and asparagus is a no go.

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Growth/Health/Development: Theo is still wearing 9 month clothing okay but is wearing a few 12 month items here and there. It’s funny how different he is than his sister at this age. He’s definitely smaller, not by much, but that difference in weight boggles my mind.

He hasn’t really shown interest in pulling himself up to stand. He has done it a few times on me (pulling himself up from the sitting position) but hasn’t tried to do it on any of the surfaces at home. Remy at this age was already walking around the coffee table and couch. I know I should compare but it’s so weird and a little difficult to see him “behind”. (FYI – I know he isn’t necessarily behind for his age, especially because Remy was very advanced developmentally but it is hard to see other children his age move along in their milestones while he’s just hanging out.) 

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  • When I change his diaper, homeboy tugs at his penis so hard sometimes I’m afraid he’s just going to snatch it right off – is this a boy thing?
  • Theo is so attached to mom, and while I love that it’s all about mommy right now, little man needs to realize mom need’s a break
  • Little dude is a water baby. He absolutely loves being in the water and enjoys laying on his tummy in baths and kicking his legs at the pool
  • He know’s how to sign “all done” and “more”
  • He waves good-bye and says, “bah-bah”
  • He’s gotten so quick at crawling! One minute he’s there the next he’s not?!
  • As shared earlier this month, Theo got dedicated at church!
  • When you are changing his diaper, along with the tugging, he doesn’t lay still anymore and flips over to his stomach. I have to whistle or bring Remy in to distract him in order to keep his attention on laying still.


If you follow me on social media, then you often get a look at our life behind the scenes and see just how happy Theo is. He’s such a happy baby! He’s starting to develop this mischievous personality, I fear for the trouble he’s going to cause with his sister! But I can’t wait to see how their relationship blossoms. They make my heart happy.


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