Theodore – Nine Months

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This month has been a BIG one for the littler guy! Theo hit a lot of milestones and is reminding me so much of his sister, it’s crazy! I can’t believe that his first birthday is just a few short months away, at the end of summer! That makes it seem right around the corner, doesn’t it?!


Routine: Sorry not sorry but there is no routine change. Well, I guess I can’t really say that. For the last several weeks I have been the one taking the kids to their respective daycare’s in the morning, meaning that I’ve been the one that has been feeding Theo his morning bottle. But other than that, our routine is still the same it has been.

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Napping/Sleeping: I can’t complain, Theo is still sleeping through the night like a champ! Since he’s figured out how to pop the pacifier back in his mouth when he does begin to fuss, he simply self-soothes and finds his pacifier. He is a stirrer and is constantly doing, what seems like, back flips through the night. He always ends up on the other side of the crib with one leg or arm out of the crib. Silly boy! He’s also give the cutest smiles after he wakes up in the morning/from a nap – he’s the sweetest thing:)

Eating: We are in the process of introducing more solids into Theo’s diet. He takes puree’s really well but usually spits out anything that’s pea size or bigger. Note, we’ve only tried mushy bananas so we need to continue trying other types of mushier solids. Also, he does enjoy dissolvable baby cereal.

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Growth/Health/Development: Little dude is getting so big! He is in the 75th percentile for weight, weighing in at 19 pounds and some change. He is 27 inches long and has two bottom teeth with two top ones cutting through. So much drool guys, so much drool.

Theo is wearing 9 month clothing comfortably and wears the occasional 12 month hand-me-down from his sister. He just switched to size 4 diapers because the size down was causing leakage at night.

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He did have a little cold a few weeks back but thankfully got over it really quickly. I think the fact that he is cutting teeth probably caused the mild sickness. Little man is also officially sitting up by himself in the tub during bath time! Oh and Theo is crawling! Well, not really crawling but he army crawls like a champ and can get himself all over the house. Gotta start baby-proofing!

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  • Theodore high-fives! It’s pretty cute and he get’s so excited when you cheer
  • He said mama!
  • We think he’s figured out how to sign ‘more’ when he wants more food while getting fed. We’re going to work on ‘all done’ next.
  • Peek-a-boo is his favorite
  • It doesn’t look like he burns from too much sun exposure! Mind you, I slather him with sunscreen but Theo enjoys the pool and splashes around!


We love you, our sweet Theo! You know just what to do to put a smile on all our faces and continue to light up our lives. Thank you for being our joy. Keep on smiling, little man.


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