From One Working Mom to Another

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It’s Sunday afternoon and as I write this post, Remy is off enjoying quiet time in her bedroom while Theo takes his first nap of the day. Out of the entire week, this moment is my most blissful one. Sure, Remy pops in every 20 minutes to ask if quite time is over, and essentially this hour and a half has to fit in enough chores to get me through the week, but this is my “me” time and I have to enjoy every last drop of it. Us working moms will always do what’s required to support and tend to our families. It’s in our nature. No need to feel pity tho, it’s just what we do, but I do have to admit I constantly am in a state of survival mode – drained, burnt out, on my last leg – it’s part of the job. That being said, that state of survival is well worth it when I get a hug, a crooked, toothy smile, or hear, “I love you, mommy.”

So today’s post is dedicated to that tired, working mom (and stay-at-home mom because we all know that’s a job!). Here are a few things to think about for your week, from one working mom to another.

  • If someone asks you if you need help, TAKE IT. People aren’t handing out awards to moms that can do it all so there’s no need to do it all if you don’t have to. Accepting help is not weakness so stop pretending that it is. (Gotta take my own advice on this one)
  • Grab a pen and paper and write down what success means to you. Just because you’re not at the top of your career doesn’t mean you aren’t successful. Sometimes that path requires sacrifice, so be prepared for it but remember what you initially wrote on that paper. It’s important to do what’s right for you and forget about everyone else.
  • Be realistic about the example you are setting for your kids. I will always encourage my kids to purse their dreams but I won’t sugar coat the process for them. Sometimes I think us adults paint too much of a pretty picture when it comes to telling the younger generation that anything is possible. Sure, anything is possible if you work hard. There may be struggles and obstacles so we should allow our kids to see how hard it is to work and raise a family. We shouldn’t mislead them into thinking that it’s easy because it’s not.
  • Quality over quantity, folks, we know this one. It’s not about the amount of time you spend with your family; it’s about the quality of the time you spend with them. What does that translate to in 2017? It means putting away your phones and turning off your electronics so that you can fully engaging with your family without any distractions. Novel idea, I know!
  • You have to properly care for yourself before you’re able to properly care for others. If that means taking half an hour to exercise, roam around Target or enjoy a quite cup of cold brew in the morning – take it and revel in those blissful moments. Your family will survive without you for 30
    minutes, I promise you.
  • Make every day your birthday or Mother’s Day for that matter. What I’m saying here is that it’s okay to allow yourself to make mistakes. Give yourself some grace, mom, you’re doing the best you can.


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