Theodore – Eight Months Old

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How is my little dude already eight months old? It was just yesterday that he was born. HECK, it was just yesterday that Remy was this age?!? I’m still in shock that I’ve got two kids, about to celebrate seven years of marriage and just turned 32. Where does the time go?


Routine: I feel like I should have an update on Theo’s routine but I don’t. I’m a stickler for sticking to what we know, especially on weekends. I’ve been told I should allow for some wiggle room as a means to get more things done, i.e. errands, time outside the home, etc. Maybe I should take this advice, maybe I should parent the way I want to.

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Napping/Sleeping: Little man is still sleeping through the night. Praise! I am so thankful for that and hope he continues to be a good sleeper. We are not, however, using the Dockatot anymore, and luckily the transition was smooth. I started getting nervous that Theo would become too reliant on the Dockatot so I figured we’d try just the crib one night. And that was it, he didn’t complain and it went off without a hitch.

I’ve also learned that homeboy is a tummy sleeper. Eh, mamma doesn’t like this but he knows how to get himself that way so I can’t really do anything about it. You better believe I’m popping in and out of his room throughout the night.

Eating: Not much change from last month. Theo doesn’t seem to be hungry after his feedings and sometimes I think we over-feed him but that’s parenting isn’t it – never truly being sure.

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**Growth/Health/Development: **No stats this month but we should have some for his nine month update!

He’s still soaking through all of his clothes?! No new teeth but there just have to be some hiding in that gummy smile, right? He’s also fitting really nicely in to Remy’s hand-me-downs! I love that much of her wardrobe is going down to Theo, also saves money;)

Little dude is sitting up by himself like a pro! He does still tumble when he looks back or makes sudden movements but he could go a good solid 10-15 sitting solo. Hashtag proud mom.

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  • Theo is getting really close to crawling. He moves the opposite direction but he tries soo hard!
  • Still no mama or dada. There tons of baba tho
  • His goofy smile rivals any others
  • If he hears music he does this head bop/shake thing that is adorable
  • He loves to stand, assisted of course
  • We are starting to teach him sign language while eating (’more’ and ‘all done’)
  • Remy is still his most favorite person in the world

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