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The Results are in

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I want to thank y’all for completing FabAve’s first ever reader survey! Like I shared on my Instagram a few weeks back, I was nervous about what the results would reveal. Would the survey fall on deaf ears? Would readers be brutally honest, and if so, how would I digest that honesty? I really had no idea what to expect out of the results. I am thankful for the amazing feedback y’all provided – it’s nice to get an outsiders perspective/insight on something you hold so close to the heart. Sometimes being so close to the blog could be blinding, ya know? Anyways, the results are in and this is what y’all had to say…

On how often you’d like to see a new post:

The results varied for this one but the majority of y’all would like to see new content post three times a week. Second choice was four times a week. Candidly, with work, my wifely duties and mom life posting 4X/week is not realistic for me, right now. I’m struggling as it is to find inspiration for new, engaging content so I’ll be trying my hardest to stick to that 3X/week schedule. Will definitely have at least two posts weekly.

In semi related news, please let me know if there is anything you’d like me to write about! Is there a specific topic you’d like me to cover within motherhood/parenting, personal style, beauty – you name it! I would love to share my perspective or gather the insights of others to pull together content you all want to see.

On the types of posts you enjoy on FabAve:

Piggybacking off of what you’d like to see in the future, it seems that y’all mostly enjoy Wardrobe Diaries/Outfit posts. To be honest, I was really surprised to see this. I don’t think I have inspirational personal style, by a long shot, but based off of one of the follow-up questions you all appreciate that my style is “approachable, relatable and real!” Your words, not mine. THANK YOU! One of the written responses said, “You’re willing to try trends and present them in a way that is relatable to the average woman.”

Tied at second for the types of posts you enjoy reading here are motherhood and lifestyle posts. A reader specifically noted that they enjoy, “lifestyle with outfit posts,” and another went on to kind of elaborate on that response by stating, “I like when you’re outfit posts don’t just talk about a trend or the clothes you are wearing but also incorporates what’s going on in your life.” Duly noted! I enjoy writing those types of outfit posts myself because they allow me to put more thought behind a post other than, ‘this is what I wore.”

On what you’d like to see more of / what you’d like to see less of:

So the response to this question kind of contradicts to another question later in the survey. The results show that y’all would like to see 1) more motherhood posts, and 2) more wardrobe remix/style help posts. Beauty posts came in third. Why the results of this one confuse me is because for the posts you’d like to see less of motherhood posts came in third and beauty came in strong first. I kinda don’t know how to take these results because they aren’t as clear as others. I figured I’d go about continuing sharing the usual content and explicitly cutting back on strictly lifestyle posts, which came in second as posts you’d like to see less of. As suggested in the above analysis, I’ll start incorporating more lifestyle content within my outfit posts.

On the types of posts you enjoy (not necessarily just from FabAve):

It seems that a large percentage of FabAve readers enjoy outfit posts, which is obvious from the previous responses. Also y’all appreciate authenticity and realness from the blogs you read and don’t mind sponsored posts as long as they integrate naturally within the focus of the blog.

On LiketoKnowIt:

Numbers don’t lie, FabAve readers don’t want to shop via my Instagram. Got it! I’ll continue to include LiketoKnowit links within my IG posts, as appropriate, however will also tag the retailers so that interested parties can see where the pieces were from. Does that make sense? I just don’t want to force people to have to shop via LiketoKnowit if they don’t want to.

On how you prefer to follow FabAve via social media:

A large majority of y’all follow via Instagram and the remaining respondents prefer Bloglovin’ which surprised me. I personally think Bloglovin’ is a dying blog aggregator platform but I may be wrong. It seems that not many of y’all follow Fabulously Average via Facebook or Twitter. I really wonder why and would appreciate some insight if y’all can share in the comments section of this post.

On whether or not you’d subscribe to a weekly (or monthly) newsletter:

I was very curious to see the results to this question. It seems that readers would possibly consider subscribing to a FabAve newsletter. Because the yes’ weren’t an overwhelming amount, we’ll just chalk this up to not going to happen. Why offer exclusive content to a select group of readers when I’m already struggling to create content for the blog?

On how long you’ve been reading FabAve:

Looks like a ton of you have been around from the get! Fabulously Average will be celebrating SIX YEARS at the end of this month and most of the survey respondents have been reading for 3+ years so that’s awesome!

If you made it to the end of this post, good for you! This was a long one. Thanks again for giving me some insight as to the type of content you’d like to see on FabAve. I really want to be able to provide what you’re looking for and not just die out.


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