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Mommy and Me in Chambray

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Get the Look:

On Me: Similar Dress | Boots | Cardigan
On Remy: Similar Dress | Shoes

When it comes to the Me and my Mini/Mommy and Me outfit posts, I try not to take it overboard. Sure, I love dressing Remy in matching outfits but I don’t want to force the experience. Trust me when I say homegirl has personal style of her own and I want to nurture that creative side of her. However when we do wear matching outfits it’s fun to see Remy’s face light up, it’s like she’s proud to be matching her mommy and I kinda love that!

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So when Grandma brought over this mini chambray dress I lit up myself! A tiny, more stylish version of my chambray dress? Gah, too cute! The fact that Remy was more than eager to rock her chambray with me was even better. We’re turning a corner, my tiny spawn and I. It seems that she may be exiting the tiny terror stage. Wishful thinking, I sure, but I’ll take her affectionate, “I want to be like mommy” love whenever I can get it. Because I am the enforcer in our two-man parenting team I tend to be the one less liked. I try not to let it hurt my feelings but its hard sometimes especially when I just want to be the fun one. As silly as it is, dressing like my mini me brings us together and let’s us have our own little special bond. A special bond that I will continue to exploit as long as I can:)

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Get the Look:

On Me: Similar Dress | Boots | Cardigan
On Remy: Similar Dress | Shoes


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